ENSCO Inc has announced its 50th anniversary is taking place on 31 March.

Founded in 1969, ENSCO has carved out a strong reputation in the areas of defence, intelligence, transportation, aerospace, and avionics over the past five decades. The name ENSCO is synonymous with innovation and success in the markets we serve.

Formed with a focus on signal processing and sensor systems, ENSCO has been a technical leader since its inception.

From supporting antisubmarine warfare and treaty monitoring during the Cold War to fighting the war on terror with chem bio-defence and warfighter preparedness, ENSCO has played a key role in national defence, homeland security, and intelligence missions.

An early contract for track inspection research and services in the 1970s began a lasting relationship with the surface transportation industry that has changed the way the industry accomplishes safe and efficient operations. Today, ENSCO integrates the latest track inspection and data management technology to deliver the most advanced inspection systems in the world.

Our earliest support of the United States space programme included providing range safety and launch support. Today, we lean on decades of experience to serve as a reliable partner to the US space programme, modernising ground infrastructure supporting space activities, providing meteorological support, and working toward the successful integration of commercial and UAS operations in the national air space.

A quarter-century ago, we established ourselves as a provider of managed engineering services to prime contractors in the avionics industry. Today, we are an established partner for major aerospace suppliers who turn to us for avionics software solutions and engineering support for some of the nation’s most critical programmes.

“ENSCO was founded in 1969 by Dr Paul W Broome, who sought to form a company that would develop and apply technology to solve the world’s most pressing problems,” states ENSCO president Boris Nejikovsky. “We are proud of our continued commitment to Dr Broome’s enduring vision that relies on innovation, employee engagement, and creative risk-taking. Our success is a direct result of our ability to attract and retain individuals who have the same passion and commitment to technology and its ability to solve difficult problems for customer missions.”