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Simulation Analysis Solutions for Railway Risk Mitigation

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Decisiontek specialises in implementing data-driven decision support solutions, which facilitate railway planning and operations.

Rail simulation solutions for risk analysis

Decisiontek provides best-practice technology combined with modern domain knowledge for informed decisions, as well as custom-designed precision tools that integrate enterprise data resources with analytic models to streamline productive decision-making.

Decisiontek offers a selection of services, including:

  • Analysis and support using its array of tools
  • Benefit-cost, economic and impact analysis
  • Operations, capacity and safety analysis
  • Rail planning and analysis

The company’s experience and multidisciplinary technical and analytical knowledge are the foundations for its precision tools, which incorporate enterprise data resources with analytic models. As a result, they streamline and enhance productive decision-making in challenging transportation environments.

Rail corridor planning and evaluation systems

RailEval is a web-based simulation software tool that analyses operations in a specific area under alternative situations and supports plan development for new rail services on existing corridors.

In addition to infrastructure visualisation and validation, RailEval supports train schedules, planning for trains and other elements of rail operations. After curating area-specific infrastructure data, and entering train and operating plan data, users can find conflicts and simulate operations under alternative operating scenarios.

Risk assessment solutions of railroad hazards

Decisiontek’s general train movement simulator (GTMS) supports rail system risk assessments and the effects of proposed safety technology and improvements.

Under continuing development for the US Department of Transportation (USDOT), the GTMS incorporates precision train movement and system-wide traffic control simulation capabilities, as well as supporting safety analyses by predicting railroad hazards, accidents and their potential severity.

Highway-rail grade crossing risk and investment analysis

GradeDec.Net evaluates the impacts of grade crossing improvements for risk reduction and the benefit-cost analysis of investments in rail crossing infrastructure.

Algorithms in the tool calculate the effects of the renovations, incorporating recent research results relating safety to crossing improvements.

The analysis includes tables and graphs, which grade crossing improvements and provides quick indicators for high-yield investments. The impact analysis also measures shifts in traffic flows in a corridor caused by grade separations and closures.

The analysis also considers financial implications and provides summary measures of costs and benefits.

About Decisiontek

Decisiontek works with many organisations associated with railroad planning, policy and operations.

These include the US Federal Railroad Administration and Department of Transport (DOT), as well as regional transport authorities such as the North Carolina DOT, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, and the Southern California Regional Rail Authority.

Positive Train Control Risk Assessment

This case study evaluates the risk associated with the planned implementation of the I-ETMS PTC system on the BNSF San Bernardino subdivision.


6337 Executive Blvd.


Maryland 20852

United States of America