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Southco Europe

Train Latches, Fasteners, Hinges and Position-Control Products

PO Box 0116,
210 North Brinton Lake Road,
PA 19331-0116,
United States of America

As a leading global source for engineered access hardware and positioning technology, Southco offers an extensive portfolio of latches, fasteners, hinges and position-control products for a wide range of interior and exterior rolling-stock applications.

These Southco solutions, plus the skills, resources and expertise to satisfy the next-generation of railway hardware requirements, create greater opportunities for rolling-stock manufacturers to be more productive and competitive.

Rolling-stock interior latches, fasteners, hinges and position-control devices

Southco latches, fasteners, hinges and position-control devices are used throughout rolling stock interiors. Our ‘touch point’ focus and attention to detail helps to ensure a positive first impression while optimising comfort, safety and intuitive operation in applications such as:

  • Baggage areas
  • Doors and displays
  • Driver cabins
  • Galley areas
  • HVAC units
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Toilet modules
  • Electrical cabinets

Rail exterior latches, fasteners, hinges and position-control devices

Southco’s range of exterior hardware is designed to be robust, reliable, compact and resistant to vibration, and to protect against unauthorised access. Our industry-proven latches last the life of the vehicle and help lower the cost of ownership.

Typical applications include covers and access panels; skirts; rooftop units; under-floor containers; and lights.

Rail position-control technology

Southco’s range of position control technology comes in the form of constant torque, asymmetric torque, adjustable torque, detent, bi-stable and counter-balanced hinges. Position-control hinges help to enhance the travel experience for passengers with an improved quality to the feel of key touch points, such as LCD screens, drop-down tables, headrests and armrests.

Precision-engineered components provide resistance to vibration, which minimises noise nuisance in the cabin.

Electronic access solutions

Southco’s electronic access solutions provide the same security and strength of a mechanical latch, with the convenience of electronic access control; including key management flexibility, integration into electronic systems and remote monitoring and access capabilities. Concealed latch points help to improve aesthetics.

Quick-access fasteners

The DZUS® quick-access fastener is one of the foremost names in the world of quick-access fastening and a popular solution for securing interior access panels in the rail industry.

Quarter-turn fasteners

Southco’s extensive selection of DZUS® quarter-turn fasteners satisfies a broad range of requirements for quick access, high strength and economical performance.

Overall, Southco provide:

  • Innovative solutions – intelligent product design, with many vibration-resistant features, enhances reliability and quick access while reducing maintenance costs
  • Stylish hardware design – progressive styling complements the aesthetics of railway cabin interiors to promote customer satisfaction and sales
  • Single-source convenience – the ability to access multiple latch, fastening, hinge and position control solutions from a single source reduces product development time and costs for customers in the rail industry
  • Global engineering/manufacturing – generating hardware solutions closer to the point of need provides a more timely and cost-effective outcome.
  • Global support – Southco sales and support personnel around the globe make it easier to be responsive with prompt information and local assistance when and where you need it

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