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Kitcher Risk Solutions Offers Advice on Drug and Alcohol Programmes

Kitcher Risk Solutions provides reviews and advice services that can strengthen the effectiveness of drug and alcohol policies, as well as drug and alcohol testing, education and rehabilitation programs.

Kitcher Risk Solutions understands how important the performance of employees is to delivering good safety outcomes.  In order to work safely and deliver desired business outcomes it is vital that workers (employees and contractors) are physically and mentally fit to work without being impaired by alcohol or other drugs.

Our reviews check the effectiveness of your programmes and provide advice on current international good practice.

Director Clare Kitcher said: “We have provided consultancy services on drugs and alcohol management for businesses in Australia and North America; working with high risk industries like rail and electricity.”

“Many work tasks involve complex physical and mental processes requiring perception, judgement and dexterity.  Reducing the impact of impairment to an individual’s performance during these work tasks is critical to delivering safety.”

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