Transurb Installed TRANSTU Light Rail Training Simulation in Tunis - Railway Technology
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Transurb Installed TRANSTU Light Rail Training Simulation in Tunis

Tunisian transportation company TRANSTU has chosen Transurb to refurbish their two full-cab light rail simulators, as well as their instructor and observation stations.

Today, Transurb is proud to announce that, after a successful collaboration with TRANSTU, the simulation solution requested by the Tunisian company is being delivered at its training centre.

Refurbishment in 2 major phases and focus on the CGI imagery

This project involved two phases. The first phase involved the replacement of hardware considered defective and out of service. The second phase comprised the full refurbishment of the equipment and software of the simulators.

The computer-generated imagery of Line 5, departing from Tunis Marine Depot and arriving at Intilaka, has been completely upgraded with Transurb latest imagery technology. In total, Transurb has reproduced the 12km of geo-specific tracks, thereby enhancing the immersive feeling and the realism of the simulation experience.

Training simulators dedicated to day-to-day operation

TRANSTU has primarily ordered simulators for light rail drivers’ initial training. The aim was to familiarise them with light rail driving in urban traffic and to confront them with unusual events that might happen on the network.

Transurb has developed different kinds of failures and disruptive events at the request of the client, including erratic behaviours from pedestrians or cars, fall of catenaries, bags on the tracks, emergency vehicles appearing. This enables trainees to apply procedures, acquire appropriate reflexes and ensure pedestrian, car driver and passenger safety while driving in a real context.

Light rail vehicles simulated

For this project, two types of rolling stock are simulated: Alstom Citadis and Siemens. The whole kinetic behaviour, traction power and braking system of these light rail vehicles are faithfully reproduced and will be used within the two refurbished full-cab simulators.

Thanks to this fruitful partnership between TRANSTU and Transurb, Tunis light rail drivers will benefit from an enhanced quality of simulation training.

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