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NSB on the Way to Shunting Training Optimisation with Transurb Simulators

Transurb and the Norwegian railway operator NSB have been collaborating for almost 10 years and continue to do so on a new project.

New Nano+ simulators coming to Drammen

NSB aspired to have a simulator entirely dedicated to shunting practicing. Always driven by a ‘can-do’ approach and the willingness to offer tailor-made advanced solutions, Transurb responded to the request.

NSB was seduced by our Nano+ simulators, which are modern and portable tools that enable multiple simultaneous training sessions while visiting our offices and ordered two of them.

State-of-the-art hardware only comes with state-of-the-art software solutions

NSB will also discover our latest computer-generated imagery technology and our Simulation Management Software R³. The trainees will be immersed in a version of the FLIRT train that gathers all the features required for an optimal shunting simulation and will enjoy an environment specially developed by Transurb for that purpose.

The reproduction will include the track from Gulskogen to Brakerøya, as well as the Mantena Sundland shunting area, the stations, including Drammen station, the railway bridge, the island, the river and the two bridges.

Along with the virtual board, the manipulators and all the particular features of our Nano+ simulator, this training solution is the perfect combination to address NSB’s aspiration to offer its trainees optimal shunting practice.

With Transurb’s solutions, the operator can always be a content creator

NSB asked to include our Track Editor Tool in their request. This intuitive solution enables our customers to create their own rail tracks. Combined with our R³ software, the solution makes them completely autonomous in the exercises customisation and in the whole training management in general.

Almost ten years of collaboration

During their decade of collaboration, Transurb and NSB worked together on various projects, including:

  • Launch of our tablet-based training tool TrainLab
  • Train crew simulator
  • Full-cab simulator on motion system
  • Computer-based training

Transurb is very pleased with this collaboration with NSB and looks forward to the promising evolution of our working relationship.

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