Transurb to Provide Light Rail Simulators for Bombardier

Transurb has been chosen by Bombardier to provide a light rail vehicle (LRV) simulator to Brussels City Transport (STIB).

To optimise the transportation system in Brussels, STIB has acquired 175 FLEXITY Trams provided by Bombardier. By extending its fleet to accommodate growing ridership and network extensions, our client expects to increase capacity by 7% or 4,600 passengers.

With this new simulator, the Belgian operator is determined to bring the best of technology at the service of its driver trainees. The simulation will include 50km of tracks and train them to Brussels’ mixed traffic conditions such as intersection logic and traffic rules. With this new solution enhanced for light rail training, Transurb intends to improve reaction time and actions of drivers when it comes to unusual situations on the network due to infrastructure issues or erratic behaviours from pedestrians, drivers, or cyclists.

Next-gen simulation for trams new generation

STIB has branded the LRV as Trams New Generation (TNG), and Transub’s new simulator won’t be left behind. This past year, Transurb has been investing in reshaping light rail simulation to give both trainers and trainees an immersive and engaging training solution.

From 3D graphics and visualisation system to urban traffic management and Instructor Software Interface, our R&D department covered every single aspect of LRV training requirements to deliver a game-changing simulator to our clients.

Simplicity and extended scenario editing possibilities

Of course, the simplicity and modularity of Transurb’s Simulation Management Software, R³, as well as its educative features, will remain the same, only enlarged with new developments. Once again, we will shake things up and let the opportunity to our customers to quickly design, edit and customise their training exercises by themselves. By doing this, we will empower them to redesign their training programme year after year.

Acknowledgements to Bombardier and STIB

We would like to thank Bombardier for selecting us to carry out this project.

Furthermore, we are extremely proud to keep building our relationship with STIB. This new solution will join our existing fleet of simulators for LRV used for the past 15 years with success by the Belgian operator.

If you want more information about the project or light rail simulation in general, fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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