Krao Instructors Prepared for Training with 12 ETCS Driving Simulators - Railway Technology
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Krao Instructors Prepared for Training with 12 ETCS Driving Simulators

Transurb’s team finished the training of KRAO’s instructors (Kouvolan Rautatie ja Aikuiskoulutus Oy) as part of the client’s NS2020 Project.

This project involved the development of a brand new simulation programme in Kouvola and was launched with a view to making the KRAO Finnish training centre a major reference on the rail training market in Finland.

Work of the NS2020 Project

The simulation solution consists of six compact simulators, six nano simulators, one instructor station, and observation facilities. The compact simulators are equipped with interchangeable driving desks, enabling training for two types of rolling stock: the brand-new Siemens SR3 Vectron train ordered by VR, the Finnish state railways, and a STADLER FLIRT train.

These simulators are used to get drivers acquainted with the ETCS system, which will be installed on a later stage on the Finnish network. Thanks to this prior training, drivers will be operational once the ETCS system is activated.

New pedagogical features for our R³ Simulation Management Software

This project has involved its part of new feature development, and Transurb has been eager to provide KRAO with the training solution it needed and contribute to the achievement of its training objectives. Thanks to this flexible and client-oriented approach, the simulators are now ready for training and we hope that this will lead to new collaboration opportunities with KRAO in the near future.

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