Radiant Enterprises manufactures electrical insulation products for the railway industry such as insulators and bushings up to 72kV, in addition to surge arresters and disconnectors.

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 and our products have passed EN-45545 certification.

Insulators and bushings for railway operations

Our range of products for railway includes epoxy resin cast insulators, polymer concrete insulators and bushings, as well as thermoplastic elastomeric insulators (TPE) up to 33kV.

Support insulators and bushings for metro railway applications, as well as bases for 145kV and 245kV current transformers, can be provided. Our recent railway products include 25kV bushings import substitution low tension (LT) insulators, in addition to 25kV rooftop insulators for railway vehicles.

Recently developed 25kV bushings are available for rail applications.
25kV roof top insulators for railway applications.
25kV bushing for railway applications.
Radiant Enterprises provides a range of high-voltage electrical insulation products for railways.
Support insulators designed for metro railway networks are available.
Bushings, insulators and accessories are available for electrical insulation in the railway industry.
Radiant Enterprises manufactures bushings and insulators up to 72kV
Radiant Enterprises offers 25kV rooftop insulators for railway vehicles.
Pantograph insulators for the railway industry are available from Radiant Enterprises.

Products for surge arrester applications include insulating bases, surge counter bush and disconnectors. These can be supplied for distribution class, station class and railway applications.

We are working on the development of polymeric insulating products, in addition to our fully developed surge arrester housings for distribution-class arresters. Extensive testing and field trials have been carried out to ensure that the product is ready for commercial production.

Resin-cast insulators for railway power supply

Our services include cementing to join insulators with metal flanges, as well as broken insulator repairs for insulators that are too old to be replaced on-site.

We develop insulators designed for specific applications, including high-temperature, high-pollution or saline environments and high-voltage. Products such as manhole covers for civil applications can be provided, as well as enclosed and low-voltage fuse cut-outs.

Research and development (R&D) experience has allowed us to create and process advanced polymer compositions that enhance the performance of our products. We work closely with clients to improve the designs of our products.

High-voltage electrical insulation products for railways

Equipment at our production facilities includes 30 pressure gelation machines that are capable of processing 5t of materials a day, as well as six power vacuum mixing machines and four hot air ovens for insulators.

Our testing facility provides us with the capability for high-voltage testing ranging between 5kV and 100kV, in addition to bending load testing of up to 5t. We also have hydraulic pressure and X-ray testing facilities.

Quality checks are carried out at every stage of the production process, from raw material selection to the final product. Inspections are performed with the help of gauges and control plans, with immediate action being taken if any abnormalities are found.

Materials are tested at a number of labs. SGS in China is used for fire protection testing on railway vehicles according to EN 45545-2 regulations. The Electrical Power & Research Institute (ERDA) in India is used for various electrical, mechanical and physical tests, while Central Power and Research Institute (CPRI) in India provides surge arrester and railway application critical testing.

About Radiant Enterprises

Radiant Enterprises was established in 1994 in Mumbai, India, as Radiant Insulators following extensive testing, research and design work.

We receive technical know-how from M/s Polysil Industries, US, and technical guidance from Dr Y Ohama at Nihon University, Koriyama, Japan.

We now provide more than 250,000 units each year domestically and through exports to the US, UK, Europe, Mexico, South America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and China. Some of our clients include major railway industry manufacturers such as Bombardier, Alstom, GE Transportation and TE Connectivity.