Save an extra 60% on adhesive weight by choosing Altro’s fully rail compliant self-adhesive solution over other adhesive options.

Partner with us to explore new possibilities in safety and efficiency.

Simply peel, stick, weld and walk with our easy-to-use solution. Our self-adhesive flooring is treated on the underside with a double-sided tape covered with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, which not only eliminates application and curing time, but the vast majority of the volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions associated with traditional adhesive.

There’s no need to use any special tools, either. You can use the exact same set of tools you’d use for an installation using a manual adhesive application, except of course your notched trowel.

Whether your subfloor is plywood, metal, foam, plastic or composite, our self-adhesive solution will form a strong, permanent bond. To ensure the best bond possible, the sub-floor must be clean and dust free, which can easily be achieved by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Alternatively, you can use a primer to seal the sub-floor.

Using Altro Transflor Tungsten across your train set can save a lot of weight compared to other material alternatives. By using our self-adhesive solution, you could save even more.

Across a British Rail class 377 twelve car set, here are the weights of different adhesives:

  • Altro Transflor Tungsten with self-adhesive: 1,919.2kg
  • Altro Transflor Tungsten with traditional contact adhesive: 2,015.2kg (+96kg)
  • Altro Transflor Tungsten with two-part polyurethane adhesive: 2,076.9kg (+157.7kg)

Would you choose to carry 14 bowling balls, if you didn’t have to? What about an adult panda? That’s the weight you could save by opting for our self-adhesive solution over a contact adhesive or a two-part polyurethane adhesive respectively. How much energy would that save you per train set?

An energy saving of course also means a financial saving, not just in fuel efficiency, but adhesive costs, too. Per British Rail class 377 twelve car train set, you would need 24 tubs of 6kg two-part polyurethane adhesive or 19 5l units of contact adhesive. With the loss of almost all VOC emissions in a self-adhesive installation, that’s a far safer working environment, to boot. Over a whole project, how much could you save?

By partnering with us to streamline your installation, we can help you to reduce weight, save energy and support the transition to new fuel technologies on the industry horizon.

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