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Lightweight Flooring Solutions for the Railway Industry

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Altro has been developing and manufacturing rail flooring solutions for 60 years, and is driven to transform spaces for the people who use them.

We believe that design is the key to innovation and so our floors present a range of features to make them a great choice for any application. Partnering closely with leading rail manufacturers and operators globally allows us to create solutions with the end user in mind, travel environments that are safe, compliant, and inviting.

Lightweight rail flooring solutions

Our lightweight rail flooring portfolio offers:

  • An option for sustained slip resistance of PTV ≥40 as a minimum, mitigating the risk of a slip to one in a million
  • A range of compliance certifications, meaning that there is a floor for every application
  • Varied colour palettes for design freedom, with the option of choosing a custom design unique to your installation
  • Options for compatibility with our self-adhesive solution, allowing you to streamline your installation saving time, emissions and up to 60% on adhesive weight per square metre

Altro rail floors have been specified for a range of applications across the globe, including commuter and intercity trains, trams, stations and even cable cars. We are committed to creating solutions that positively impact everyone, from the companies specifying, to the experts fitting the floor, to the passengers who will be relying on your rail service.

Altro Transflor Tungsten in Firestorm has been installed on a subway train.
The Transflor Tungsten flooring solution is available in Breeze for passenger trains.
These seats can be found in the Deutsche Bahn Regionalbahn Schleswig-Holstein commuter trains in the first class compartment.
Altro Transflor Tungsten can be used at train station facilities, including in the Virgin ticket hall at London Euston station in the UK.
Altro offers flooring for cable cars such as the Emirates Air Line in London, UK.
The interior of a modern polish suburb train.
Altro manufactures lightweight flooring solutions for rolling stock.
Our slip-resistant flooring can be customised.

Safety flooring for rail

Here at Altro, safety is always a high priority. We are proud that we can introduce important weight and compliancy features without ever compromising on safety. When services are busy, or when passengers walk across the train to access facilities, it is important that they have the best protection underfoot to minimise the risk of slips or falls.

Altro acrylic rail floors contain slip resistant aggregates throughout the thickness of the floor to ensure strong contact between the floor and the shoe, even when water is tracked inside the vehicle. Altro Transflor Tungsten mitigates the risk of a slip to one in a million, achieving PTV≥ 40 as a minimum, guaranteed for the lifetime of the floor.

Design possibilities for rail flooring

In order to help you create the modern, inviting interiors that contemporary rail passengers expect, we ensure that whatever your vision, we can produce what you are looking for. Custom colour and design work mean that you are not just restricted to our standard range. With the option to create any colour with both the base and aggregate colours, any design idea is possible.

Why not make use of our kit cutting and logo service? Using our precision cutting equipment, we can make any logo or design out of our flooring products, including bicycle or disabled logos for wayfinding, or even your company branding. Make an enquiry at the bottom of this page to find out what we can do for you. Conditions and minimum order quantities apply.

Quality engineering for a quality installation

When creating our floors, we start with the people who use them. That means that from procurement, to installation, to each and every passenger, the experience will be a positive one.

It is not just the slip resistance of our floors which perform to the highest calibre:

  • Durability: all Altro rail floors are constructed to withstand the heavy foot traffic they are subjected to on the daily commute with an excellent wear resistance, losing less than 10% of particles after our rigorous laboratory tests
  • Colour retention: UV stability is ensured on all Altro rail floors, so you can be sure that the colours of your floor will be protected year after year
  • Impermeability: when correctly hot welded, Altro rail floors create a fully tankable solution, which protects the subfloor from water ingress and the floor from installation failure
  • Lighweight: our acrylic rail floors are significantly lighter than other common materials, without compromising on safety or durability
  • Cleanbility: all Altro rail floors are engineered for easy cleaning, making sure that the look and slip resistance of your floor are protected

Rail flooring compliance

We understand that safety and compliance are top priorities when putting together your train set. That is why our whole portfolio is fully and reliably compliant to EN45545-HL2.

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Products & services

  • Altro Transflor Tungsten™

    Altro Transflor Tungsten is one of the lightest, safest, and widest HL-2 compliant safety floors in the rail market.

  • Altro Transflor Met™

    Altro Transflor Met is a versatile vinyl flooring solution designed for the railway industry with a proven record of over a decade.

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