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ThermOmegaTech Freeze Protection for Locomotive and Passenger Cars

ThermOmegaTech® is an industry leader in freeze protection valves for passenger cars and locomotives. We design and manufacture advanced, reliable and compact self-actuated valves for the railway industry.

Our high-quality control valve and freeze protection solutions are designed to perform in critical railway applications to protect rail equipment.

Self-actuated temperature control valves

We demonstrate our leadership and commitment to self-actuated temperature control solutions by:

  • Ensuring superior quality
  • Solving problems for our customers through innovative engineering and design
  • Bringing responsiveness, flexibility, and reliability to everything we do

As a manufacturer of the most advanced, reliable and compact self-actuated valves for temperature control, we are industry leaders in innovative technology that extends to our full suite of products and custom solutions.

Freeze protection for locomotives

The GURU® DL2.1 and Magnum locomotive valves are water-sensing, self-operating thermostatic drain valves that respond to engine coolant temperature.

When the locomotive is shutdown and cooling water reaches the temperature set point of the valve (35°F or 40°F), the plug will snap open draining the locomotive cooling system before any freeze damage occurs.

The Magnum GURU Plug is a higher discharge capacity version of the standard GURU Plug, providing a full 1.2in bore to rapidly drain a locomotive and prevent freeze damage.

Freeze protection for rail passenger cars

The GURU PC® is a self-operating thermostatic valve that automatically drains potable water-bearing systems on passenger cars before freeze damage can occur.

Operating with no outside power, the valve is designed to rapidly drain the system once the ambient temperature of 35°F (1.7°C) is detected. The valves are NSF 61/372 certified and shock and vibration tested by a third-party.

An optional heater is also available that allows the valve to heat and close quickly. This allows the water system to be refilled to get the passenger car back into service promptly.

Only a standard 74VDC or 230VAC three-prong grounded plug is needed and no air connections are required.

Accessories for locomotive control valves

Additional tools are available to optimise the control valve’s performance.

The Guru® Flag and Clip tool prevents the GURU® plug from tripping while refilling the locomotives cooling system after activation.

The magnetic GURU® Flag attaches to the outer wall of the locomotive to serve as a visible indicator that the valve is disarmed.

The Compressor head cleaning tool clears the debris from the water-cooled GURU CH & CHS compressor heads on the locomotive.

Routine cleaning is important to keep the cooling jacket on the head clear of debris.

We recommend servicing or rebuilding the GURU® Plug every 18 months to two years in order to maintain optimal performance and balance maintenance costs.

About ThermOmegaTech

ThermOmegaTech® has been designing and manufacturing thermostatic temperature control technology for more than 30 years.

Founded in 1983, ThermOmegaTech® is a privately held organisation with a 50,000ft2 manufacturing and office facility located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.

We provide innovative solutions for a wide range of applications, including freeze protection, scald protection, steam tracing and thermal relief for pumps.

Key industries we serve include railway, commercial plumbing, industrial, aerospace and defence.

The manufacturing process is carefully designed and monitored so that high-quality products leave our facilities with all manufacturing, calibration, quality control and testing performed 100% in-house.

This gives us the speed, quality and flexibility to respond to our clients’ requests in a way that exceeds their expectations. This way we can ensure on-time delivery of our products.

ThermOmegaTech® has been ISO 9001 certified for over a decade and products are distributed and used worldwide.

We conduct business in a straightforward way, with honesty and integrity at the core. We are highly skilled problem solvers and engineers, who are driven to find the best solutions for the client’s needs. We take pride in our history, longevity and work ethic.

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Press Release

ThermOmegaTech® Announces Expansion of Leading North American Railroad Freeze Protection Valve to Worldwide Markets

ThermOmegaTech® is expanding its offering of one of its flagship product lines, the GURU® DL2.1 and GURU® Magnum valve, to markets worldwide.

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Self Contained Valves For Temperature Control, Freeze Protection, Steam Tracing and Conservation of Energy

For more than 30 years, ThermOmegaTech has been providing temperature control solutions for industry through forward thinking and innovation.

ThermOmegaTech, Inc.

353 Ivyland Road




United States of America

+1 877 379 8258 www.thermomegatech.com Rail products

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Press Release

15 April 2015

ThermOmegaTech® is expanding its offering of one of its flagship product lines, the GURU® DL2.1 and GURU® Magnum valve, to markets worldwide.

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Regional Offices

ThermOmegaTech, Inc.

353 Ivyland Road




United States of America

Dana Allen (Product Manager, Railroad Division) +1 877 379 8258 www.thermomegatech.com Rail products

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