With its cutting-edge technology and broad range of capabilities, Continental is globally known as a mobility expert, serving the needs of the worldwide railway market.

Complete mobility technology for the railway industry

As technology experts, we are continuously working on new, improved and innovative products and service solutions in the railway segment to complete our offer for railway costumers worldwide.

Continental develops trendsetting mobility concepts and tests each of its developments under authetic and real-life conditions in its certified testing laboratories. This is essential to guarantee maximum performance under extreme strain such as heat, cold or high speed.

Our new company-wide business and innovation platform enables and facilitates collaboration of all Continental divisions with partners in the railway sector. In addition, we use our global customer focus through an on-site presence in all important markets.

Continental offers actuators for pantographs to ensure even contact pressure.
Pneumatic hoses can be provided for installation between carriages.
Seat cover upholstery material can be supplied in simulated leather with natural look, colour and feel.
Continental's folding bellow material is designed to meet demanding requirements.
Continental offers a range of air spring systems for the railway industry.
A variety of primary suspension springs is available.
Continental offers floor cover material for railway vehicles.

Together as ‘one Continental’, our business units combine the company’s expertise in automotive, rubber, sensorics, and services applications. We are shaping the future of mobility and have the possibility to open new tracks for innovations in the railway business.

Advanced railway mobility technologies and solutions

In our world the presence of topics and trends such as population growth, connectivity and globalisation are main drivers for change.

The increase in international trade and the emergence of mega cities require new concepts for safe, efficient, sustainable and comfortable transport solutions. Railway transport will be furthermore of growing importance.

That is why our experts are working on new, improved transport solutions for people and goods. Continental provides products for original equipment manufacturers within the railway market, as well as the aftermarket worldwide.

We offer complex solutions combined with an individual expert consultancy. Products by Continental are durable, reliable and safe. They are designed for driving comfort, less maintenance time and mininmal abrasion.

Cameras and radar sensors for train driver alerts

With the knowledge of applications also in automotive and other industries, Coninental works on radar sensors and cameras that could help in reducing the number of serious or even fatal accidents in urban rail traffic.

Cameras can be used to detect obstacles that are difficult to recognise such as pedestrians, cyclists or crossing vehicles. They can send information directly to the train driver through visual signals, including head-up displays, or initiate automated braking.

For more efficiency and sustainability Continental has lighter products such as air springs and surface materials for the rail transport. They reduce weight and the energy needed to drive the vehicle.

Continental contributes development, technological and solution expertise from the automotive sector and other key industries.

About Continental

For more than 90 years, Continental has been providing products designed to offer increased safety, comfort and fire protection in high-speed, local, regional and goods trains, as welll as reducing rail traffic noise. The technology company collaborates across divisions on products, systems and service solutions for passenger compartments, driver workplaces, drive units, bogies and railway vehicle bodies. For more information, fill out the enquiry form on this page.