American Equipment Company (AMECO), founded in 1946, is one of the most diversified suppliers of railway equipment in the world. AMECO serves railways clients across the globe with maintenance of way equipment, locomotive and rolling stock spare parts, train control systems, workshop tools and locomotive-driver training simulators, as well as railway, port and industrial cranes.

As an export management company with more than 60 years in business operations, AMECO serves both its clients and its principals before, during and after the sales process.

Locomotive and rolling stock spare parts

AMECO can provide spare parts from prime vendors or well recognized after market suppliers for locomotive and rolling stock equipment. AMECO supplies AAR certified parts for locomotive diesel engines, control systems, traction motors and generators, and complete locomotive and freight car truck assemblies. The company specializes in locomotive diesel engine spare parts with a full line of engine parts and components for EMD and GE engines.

Track maintenance equipment

On-track machinery from companies like Nordco, DAPCO, Shuttlewagon, Little Giant and many others is a primary business for AMECO. We also represent many suppliers of trackside and handheld maintenance equipment, like Stanley Hydraulic Tools and others.

AMECO provides a full range of locomotive and rolling stock spare parts and components.
The company offers a full line of on-track maintenance of way equipment, like the Nordco Spiker above.
AMECO supplies a full range of multi-function, desktop, AAR105 and full-scope motion base simulators.
Locomotive workshop tools from companies like TESCO are a specialty of AMECO.
AMECO provides port, railway and industrial cranes.

Wayside equipment

We provide a full range of trackside equipment, including rail and flange lubricators, hot bearing detectors, dragging equipment detectors, automatic equipment identification systems, signaling equipment, and more.

Locomotive-driver training simulators

AMECO is currently one of the largest suppliers of locomotive driver training simulators worldwide. We supply a full range of simulators from desktop and AAR105-style simulators to full scope cab-based simulators on full motion bases.

Locomotive shop equipment

AMECO is the exclusive international distributor for TESCO Tools. TESCO has a full line of locomotive diesel engine repair tools and equipment. We also provide many other shop tools, machinery, testing facilities, cleaning equipment and much more.

Locomotive dual-fuel (natural gas) conversion systems

With the most advanced dual-fuel conversion system in the world, AMECO has converted locomotives from diesel fuel operation to dual-fuel operation with natural gas. No other company in the world has the same level of success in this type of conversion on locomotive engines, because AMECO represents the world leader in this technology. Please contact AMECO for information about dual-fuel conversions.

International offices

AMECO has international offices in Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Turkey and South Africa. Across the rest of the world, we operate through a network of business partners and agents who have expertise in the railway industry.

Please contact AMECO if you are interested in representing us in your country.

Export management

AMECO provides an invaluable service to our principals. AMECO acts as the international sales department for many railway equipment manufacturers. We do not charge our principals for this service and we offer a full service from factory door to the customer’s floor. With over 60 years of experience, you can trust AMECO to provide unparalleled service for your company.