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Communication Networks for the Railway Industry

Atos supplies communication networks for the transport sector.

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1210 Austria

Atos is a top provider of digital transformation solutions, establishing itself as the European leader in big data, cybersecurity, high-performance computing (HPC) and digital workspace.

The transportation industry is a challenging field. Transportation not only has to be safe but also efficiently manageable and effective in terms of resource utilization. Furthermore passengers not only expect safety but a comfortable travelling experience. Railway operators will master all these challenges with smart and visionary solutions. Atos supplies communication networks for the transport sectors, including project management and installation of all necessary hardware from trusted partners or using existing components.

Communication networks for railway operations

With Atos dispatching and voice recording solutions for GSM-R and TETRA, operators can manage and maintain seamless and reliable communication networks. Its command, control and communication (C3) solution is a modern control center which integrates all network technologies as well as additional applications.

Setting up a communication infrastructure and integrating different technologies requires expertise and testing. Atos’ Test and Integration Lab in Croatia’s capital Zagreb consists of a full scope of railway-specific telecommunication infrastructures and applications. It is the first single-location solution for testing and integration of railway communication systems.

Rail operations and maintenance systems for GSM-R networks

Atos’ GSM-R Dispatcher is fully compliant with EIRENE and MORANE standards and is built specifically for distributed controller positions in the railway environment. The GSM-R voice recording system (VRS) is used to record operational communication, for liability matters and post-incident analysis. A billing system can increase precision and efficiency. Atos GABS (General Administration and Billing System) is an advanced single-interface solution for effective service management.

Secure and reliable management of voice and data communication for the rail industry

TETRA systems are implemented by organisations that depend on highly sensitive voice and data transmissions to operate efficiently such as transportation or law enforcement agencies. Atos’ Multi-network Voice Dispatching System lets you securely record and playback encrypted communication in various networks. TETRA dispatcher also offers high security standards. As a control room application it integrates a modular GUI, user management, GIS and an Automatic Vehicle/Person Location Service (AVLS/APLS).

Multi Network Voice Gateway for rail communication networks

It enables the users to perform group calls between independent TETRA, LTE or analogue network creating interoperability between the different communication systems. The gateway connects network systems via pre-configured interlinked call groups. Communication from one network is mapped and transferred to the other network based on group gateway configuration by an authorized user.

Rail communication Test and Integration Lab

Testing the telecommunication infrastructure has always been an intricate and problematic part of the work process for railway operators and solution providers. Our comprehensive laboratory in Croatia, Zagreb is now greatly facilitating this task. It is the first single-location solution for testing and integration of railway communication systems.

About Atos

The company has more than 100,000 employees across 72 countries, with an annual revenue of approximately €12bn.

Atos supports clients in transport, defence, financial services, media, energy and utilities, retail, telecommunication, health, and manufacturing to select just a few.

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