TETRA Dispatcher – end-to-end encryption at highest standards

TETRA Dispatcher organizes alarms, controls and monitors your professional mobile radio users, groups and entire fleets. It is a dedicated control room application with advanced features, such as a modular GUI and enhanced user management integrated with resource tracking Service. Thus it is highly flexible and freely configurable in order to allow your dispatch operators to perform as effectively as possible.

It grows naturally with your communication needs and network complexity, from a radio connected dispatcher workstation through a single site dispatching system up to a multi-client server architecture solution.

TETRA Voice Recording – PMR recording, playback and interception

Siemens Convergence Creators’ TETRA Recorder is the reliable and secure system to record and play back encrypted communications from your TETRA network. It does not impair ongoing network performance and offers your operators a great number of tools to analyze and reconstruct complex calls. It also features fully legal and secure real-time communication interception.

It features end-to-end encryption of TETRA communications during recording and playback, guaranteeing the required level of security and privacy at all times. Thanks to its modular architecture, it easily integrates with your digital radio network over secure IP-based network connections. It is highly scalable and extendable to grow as your network grows.