Multi Network Voice Gateway enables the users to perform group calls between independent TETRA, LTE or analogue network creating interoperability between the different communication systems. The gateway connects network systems via pre-configured interlinked call groups. Communication from one network is mapped and transferred to the other network based on group gateway configuration by an authorized user. The Multi Network Voice Gateway is used for creating cross-network communication and by this enabling seamless communication between different user groups such as field technicians and helicopter pilots.

The Multi Network Voice Gateway relies on a full IP Core architecture which is capable to interconnect to several different communication technologies such as TETRA, VHF Marine, VHF Air traffic, LTE and others as outlined below.

It is capable to provide a large range of setups, beginning from interconnection of single pair of groups within two networks up to complex interconnection matrix combining multiple recipients over various communication networks.

The modular IP based architecture allows distribution of gateway instances for different interfaces, line and/or air connected, in different geographical locations ensuring effective radio infrastructure resource utilization.

The server system can be provided in a full redundant configuration which can even run on virtualized environments to meet the state of the art reliability and data center requirements.

A number of telecommunication equipment from different vendors are already pre-integrated through their native IP interface as outlined below. In addition to this, the system is providing gateways to interconnect with almost any other technology via integrated Radio over IP Interface.