Testing the telecommunication infrastructure has always been a complex and difficult part of the work process for railway operators and solution providers. Our one-stop laboratory in Croatia, Zagreb is now greatly facilitating this task. It is the first single-location solution for testing and integration of railway communication systems.

This laboratory is also both vendor and technology-neutral which, along with easy adaptation to specific target configuration projects, offers more flexibility for our customers.

The ability to test their systems in greater detail, in a shorter time frame and throughout the entire year ensures even more cost savings.

The Test and Integration Lab in Croatia’s capital consists of a full scope of railway-specific telecommunication infrastructures and applications and is based on:

  • Two different and complete GSM-R infrastructures (core and radio)
  • TETRA systems

The lab is enhanced with a variety of terminal equipment, including a dispatching system, voice recording system, and a billing and network management system. An overlaying transmission network provides the connection base for typical railway applications (clock, public announcement, passenger information display system, emergency call system, PABX IP telephony system, CCTV, and Wi-Fi. Interoperability tests with GSM-R and TETRA infrastructure suppliers, Siemens Convergence Creators’ own products, and third-party equipment are offered both on-site and remotely.

Thanks to the skills and experience of Siemens Convergence Creators’ personnel, the railway laboratory end-to-end solution can be easily developed into a staging center for railway infrastructure projects, as well as a reference system for maintenance purposes. It also offers an ideal environment for customer demos and trials and customer training.

Railway telecommunication technology began with GSM-R and TETRA, which both still represent key technologies in this field. Recent developments in the field of secured communications made broadband an important aspect of operations communication for railway operators and represents one of the reasons why Siemens Convergence Creators is working closely with LTE vendors to be able to cover the whole spectrum of technologies in use today.