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Track Vibration Control Solutions

RockDelta provides vibration control and structure protection for the railway industry.

Lapinus (ROCKWOOL B.V.),
Delfstoffenweg 2,
6045 JH Roermond,

Lapinus (ROCKWOOL B.V.),
Delfstoffenweg 2,
6045 JH Roermond,

RockDelta’s vibration control and structure protection products protect people and buildings surrounding railway networks.

With an increasing amount of people living in urban environments, minimising the impact of transport network noise and vibration is key. RockDelta’s stone wool mats are a sustainable vibration control solution for both people and buildings.

Railway vibration control and structure protection

RockDelta’s products isolate tracks to protect structures from ground-borne vibrations caused by tramways, light rail systems, subways, metros, main lines and high-speed lines.

By decoupling the ballast bed, RockDelta mats reduce ballast attrition and protect structures surrounding the railway. In addition, this can prolong the life of the ballast and minimise maintenance with the distribution of acting dynamic forces.

Vibration control  for ballasted tracks

Our high-performance dual-density Rockdelta RB solution features a composite geotextile geogrid.

The high-density top layer combined with the low-density bottom layer design ensures that static and dynamic loads from gravel, stone, soil and over covering materials does not result in deterioration of the stone wool fibre material. This helps to provide an exceptionally long product lifecycle, which has been documented by the Technical University of Munich as part of approved test according to DIN 45673-5.

Floating slab track anti-vibration solution

Rockdelta RX is a stone wool based anti-vibration mat, featuring ultra-low sensitivity to environmental factors such as water, frost and acid rain. It exhibits high efficiency and durability even after decades of operation and exposure to harsh climates and adverse conditions. This has been verified by an exhaustive Norwegian field study of the long-term functional performance of a track that had been vibration isolated in 1978 using stone wool anti-vibration mats. It was also documented by the Technical University of Munich in approved testing according to DIN 45673-7.

Structure protection for railway tracks

Rockdelta RG offers structure protection for all types of tracks, as well as reduced ballast height, track instability and bridge noise control.

The high-strength high-stiffness resilient mats are an ideal solution to many of the challenges within ballasted track engineering, enhancing overall ballasted track performance while significantly reducing the maintenance costs. They have been tested by the Technical University of Munich according to DIN 45673-5.

Stone Wool for Anti-Vibration Mats

Track engineers often encounter conflicting demands when designing a track system. On the one hand they seek uncompromised track stability ensuring safety and comfort for the passengers and low maintenance cost for the track owner; on the other hand they must have a track that is sufficie

BERNMOBIL Chooses RockDelta Vibration Isolation Mats

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RockDelta Supplies Anti-Vibration Mats to ADIF High Speed Tracks, Spain

RockDelta has supplied more than 45.000m² of high-tech stone wool based anti-vibration mat solutions to several AVE high-speed track projects in Spain, including track sections at Martorell (Barcelona), Túnel del Prat (Barcelona), Villafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) and at the entran

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Lapinus (ROCKWOOL B.V.)

Delfstoffenweg 2

6045 JH Roermond