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Polyfabrics Australasia provides geosynthetic materials for large-scale rail projects worldwide.

The company’s products include rail ranges, geotextiles, geogrids, drainage composites and geocells, which can be adapted to meet specific project requirements.

Geosynthetic materials for railway projects

Polyfabrics Australasia supplies geogrids, and woven and non-woven geotextiles to reinforce, filter and separate sub-base layers under railway tracks.

Other products include geocells to strengthen sub-bases and embankments, geonet composites to control drainage in ballast and side catchment areas, geosynthetic clay liners (GCL) for water catchment areas, and Hydrotex® technology to replace filters.

Solutions for track-bed constructions

Our products work to offer elements of the six fundamental functions that are used throughout track-bed construction, including:

  • Separation to maintain the integrity of adjacent soil types
  • Drainage to facilitate water flow
  • Filtration to prevent soil particle leaching
  • Reinforcement to enhance the strength of sub-bases
  • Barrier for containing liquids
  • Protection for structures and barriers

The evolution of rail applications has led to more cost-effective sub grade materials that can reduce maintenance and increase profits. Polyfabrics Australasia assists clients with strategic value engineering and supplies improved solutions at a reduced cost.

Long-lasting, durable geosynthetic solutions for the railway industry

Polyfabrics Australasia offers innovative, cost-effective and long-lasting geosynthetics solutions to support sub grade materials in rail applications.

The company helps clients to strategically plan their choice of materials, leading to enhanced, long-lasting results for their project.

About Polyfabrics

Polyfabrics have a strong partnership with TERRAM, which has more than 40 years of experience in rail applications, allowing the team to provide comprehensive service and reliability to all consumers.

Geosynthetics and Rail Applications

The construction of rail remains very different from country to country and even between state to state. Polyfabrics Australasia has an in-depth understanding of the common areas to consider and the geosynthetic solutions available.

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