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Holland Flash-Butt Rail Welding Equipment

Holland is the premier provider of flash-butt rail welding equipment, service, parts, training and application knowledge. Throughout our 75-year history, Holland has been pioneering solutions to meet the needs of railroads across the world. Our success has come from our commitment to quality and innovation.

Since 1966, Holland has been pioneering flash-butt welding of rail. Over the years, our systems have proven to be the most reliable and productive in the industry, performing almost 30 million welds with our own equipment and employees, enabling Holland to set the standard for flash-butt rail welding on a worldwide basis.

With Holland flash-butt welding machines operating in over 30 countries, it is true that the sun never sets on Holland welding equipment.

Flash-butt rail welding equipment

Holland offers the most comprehensive line of flash-butt rail welding equipment in the world, affording our customers the choice of selecting welding equipment that is most suitable for their specific application requirements.

Holland offers welding machines for stationary welding plants and for in-track applications. Our welding machines are used for applications involving new rail installation as well as maintenance welding for existing track. The application spectrum is that of the most demanding heavy wheel-load freight applications to the newest high-speed rail lines.

We offer the following welding machines:

  • H-650 (65 tonnes): high in-track production capacity
  • H-1000 (100 tonnes): greater capacity for handling the longest rail strings
  • H-1200 (120 tonnes): for closure and rail destressing applications
  • K-1000 stationary welder for long welded rail production facilities
  • 145-tonne super puller to allow closure welding and rail distressing in conjunction with our H-650 and H-1000 welding machines
  • G-head (80 tonnes): for welding specialty rails for overhead and portal crane applications

Versatile flash-butt welding equipment configurations

In addition to providing our customers with the most choice of flash-butt rail welding machines, Holland offers several versatile equipment configurations to help deliver the welds to the track in the most efficient and productive manner.

Skid flash-butt welder

Our skid welder supplies the basic components to perform quality flash-butt welds and allows the customer to utilize their own equipment carrier, power unit and welding machine handling apparatus.

Container welder machine

Our container welder configuration supplies the complete welding package, including power unit and welding machine manipulator, in a compact and efficient configuration. It can be used as a stationary welding machine to generate long welded rail sections or on a customer-supplied mobile carrier to deliver in-track welds.

Mobile flash-butt welding machines

The MobileWelder was first introduced to the industry and pioneered by Holland in 1979. This versatile flash-butt welding machine is a virtual mobile welding plant that can travel both on the rail and on the highway, and is most easily relocated from one job site to another.

The All-Terrain MobileWelder (ATMW) was another first for Holland. The ATMW offers the most versatility in welding – its 5.9m reach, 360° rotation and compact wheelbase allows track access at the smallest road crossings and a boom reach that allows welding of adjacent tracks. It can also travel along access roads to perform track welding from alongside the track.

Let us show you how Holland’s quality engineered products and technical know-how can meet your needs.

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Holland LP

1000 Holland Drive

Crete, Illinois 60417-2120


United States of America

+1 708 672 2300 +1 708 672 2327 (Robert V. Norby) +1 708 672 0119 www.hollandco.com

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Holland LP

1000 Holland Drive

Crete, Illinois 60417-2120


United States of America

Robert V. Norby, PE (vice president and general manager) +1 708 672 2300 +1 708 672 2327 (Robert V. Norby) +1 708 672 0119 www.hollandco.com

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