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GINO Power Resistors, Braking Resistors, Damping Resistors and Earthing Resistors

GINO Elektrotechnische Fabrik is a world-leading manufacturer of resistors for industry and traction applications. With plants in Germany (Bonn and Eisenach) and China (Shanghai) and representative offices in more than 15 countries worldwide, GINO supplies renowned clients with power resistors in the performance range from 50W to 360MW.

Traction resistors

Typical applications for our traction resistors are as follows:

  • Braking resistors
  • Damping resistors
  • Overvoltage limiter resistors (OVL, OVR, MUB and AZS)
  • Earthing resistors
  • Discharging resistors
  • Load resistors

Traction and trolleybus resistors

As a full-range producer we use several well-known resistor technologies and our own patented systems. The most widely used technologies for traction and trolleybus resistors are as follows.

Strip resistors or band resistors

Our strip resistors or band resistors can be comprised of two different systems, which are normally both made of a NiCr alloy sheet strip.

The 6GN1 system features punched and gilled strip elements connected in series by spot welding, mounted with ceramic insulators on support bolts provided with additional insulation.

The GINO-patented 3PQ4 system features continuously folded strips mounted between ceramic insulators on support bolts. Due to the high air and creepage distance, no additional insulation in the strip zone is required. Strip temperatures of up to 850°C are possible.

Wire-coil resistors

Wire coils resistors are normally made from NiCr-alloy welded onto terminal plates that are supported by ceramic insulators.

Encapsulated resistors or compact resistors

Our wire-wound encapsulated resistors or compact resistors, of VPR or DEG type, are embedded in a fully closed profile made of aluminium. Protection classes up to IP65 are possible.

Steel-grid resistors

Steel-grid resistors are comprised of steel-grid elements made of a NiCr alloy. All sizes and geometrics permitted by the material’s properties are possible. The elements are connected by screws or spot welding and mounted between ceramic insulators on support bolts.

All the resistor systems can be used for stand-alone resistors or can be mounted in a housing made of stainless steel, which is designed to meet each individual customer’s purposes.

Cooling for traction resistors

The best solution is to design the traction resistor in a way that natural cooling is sufficient. In this case the cooling of the resistor is caused by the natural convection of the air.

In other cases we use special blowers for traction applications to produce a forced cooling of the resistors.

We are specialists that can fulfil all your requirements. Ask us to design your specific power resistor.

IRIS-certified traction and power resistors

To supply the best quality is one of our biggest goals. We always keep our quality system up-to-date.

In autumn 2008 we were the first world-leading manufacturer of power resistors to successfully gain the new international traction-quality standard, IRIS. Other certifications we have achieved are:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • DIN 6700-2
  • EN15085-2

Electrical power resistors

The roots and thus the experience of GINO in manufacturing of electrical power resistors go back to the beginning of the 20th century. The present GINO company was founded in 1977.

Train resistors

In 2000, GINO took over the industry and train resistor manufacturing activities of Siemens’ A+D PUIB department in Nuremberg, Germany, and with that the production and sales of all resistor products made by Siemens. These included cast-iron resistors, oil-cooled motor starters, motor starters, neutral-grounding resistors and resistors for traction applications.

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Press Release

GINO to Participate at InnoTrans 2010

From the 21 to 24 September 2010, the doors will open for the InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin. For the sixth time, Gino will attend the world's largest trade fair for transport technology, innovative components, vehicles and systems. Our company is one of the largest and best known manuf

GINO GmbH Elektrotechnische Fabrik

Friedrich Woehler Street 65

D – 53117 Bonn



+49 228 98986 18 +49 228 98986 34 www.gino.de

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Press Release

16 September 2010

From the 21 to 24 September 2010, the doors will open for the InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin. For the sixth time, Gino will attend the world's largest trade fair for transport technology, innovative components, vehicles and systems. Our company is one of the largest and best known manuf

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Regional Offices

GINO GmbH Elektrotechnische Fabrik

Friedrich Woehler Street 65

D – 53117 Bonn



Dipl Ing Ingo Hartmann (sales director) +49 228 98986 18 +49 228 98986 34 www.gino.de

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