SWAREFLEX - Railway Technology
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Professional Lighting Solutions for Rail Traffic Safety

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SWAREFLEX is a leading provider of functional lighting solutions and products for the rail industry.

LED-based rail safety and lighting systems

SWAREFLEX has a diverse portfolio that offers an impressive range of products such as LED-based intelligent rail safety systems and lighting solutions for traffic zones, industrial facilities and hotels.

The company also specialises in high-quality precision lenses for applications in illumination optics.

SWAREFLEX products provide robust and reliable visual and tactile markings that optimise the orientation of exits and escape routes designed to facilitate rapid emergency evacuation.

The design of all products allows them to be intelligently integrated into existing control and automation systems.

Rail tunnel lighting safety solutions

SWAREFLEX’s wide range of solutions represents a significant contribution to the improvement of tunnel safety.

The company’s products include general lighting, marking for emergency routes and warning signs for hazardous areas.

SWAREFLEX’s innovative lighting systems combine the latest in LED technology with high-precision crystal glass optics, which facilitate customised lighting solutions for specific tunnel challenges.

High-performance, robust glass elements

SWAREFLEX uses high-quality, extremely robust and durable special-purpose Swarovski glass elements for its reflector products. Due to its unique optical, chemical and mechanical properties, it can be integrated in sophisticated traffic technology solutions.

The company’s glass reflectors work on the principle of retro-reflection, where a bundle of light rays striking the biconvex glass elements are reflected back to their original place, regardless of the direction from which the bundle hits the glass elements.

The shape of the biconvex glass is precisely calculated using computer technology, and the back features highly reflective and additional special protection layers to optimise reflectivity.

Rail safety solutions for tunnels, tracks and bridges

SWAREFLEX supplies a wide range of lighting and tunnel safety solutions, including:

  • Pedestrian bridges: light-emitting handrails for safety and haptic guidance across bridges
  • Marking of escape routes: visual and haptic marking of either permanent or incident-driven escape routes and doors
  • Track sections with frequent wildlife crossing: visual warnings for wildlife as a train approaches and drivers
  • Tunnel lighting: uniform luminance throughout the tunnel to avoid psycho-visual irritation of drivers
  • Tunnel maintenance / construction sites: temporary marking of construction sites, and dynamic marking of the course of the road and safeguarding dangerous zones


Established in 1950, SWAREFLEX creates inventive solutions that improve tunnel and traffic safety through modern lighting systems.

Based on the first Swarovski glass reflectors in 1937, the company focuses on developing new concepts that bring constant innovations and refinements.

SWAREFLEX is a company and brand of the Swarovski Group.