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Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre

Train Windscreen Wiper Systems, Washing Systems, and Front and Rear Lighting Systems

Grenaavej 148,
DK-8240 Risskov,

Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre is committed to the design, manufacture and supply of windscreen wiper systems, washing systems, and front and rear lighting systems.

All our systems are produced with the associated power supply and control systems, to satisfy the needs, expectations and requirements of our rail customers.

Customised windscreen wiper and washer systems

We pay careful attention to our customer’s practical needs and we aim to satisfy all our customers’ particular requirements by providing customised windscreen wipers and windscreen washer systems.

Motor systems and gearing systems

Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre’s motor systems are provided in voltages of 12VDC and 24VDC. These motor systems can be provided in various sizes and variations, according to customer requirements.

We also provide custom-designed gearing systems for single-axle and dual-axle wiper systems.

Wiper arm systems

We offer modern wiper arm systems in different sizes and variations for single and double wiper systems.

Windscreen washer systems

We design and construct complete windshield washer systems for 12V and 24V. Our windscreen washer systems come complete with contacts and wirings.

Front and rear light systems

Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre manufactures custom-designed LED front lights and tail-lights in a variety of different colours and extensions. Our front and rear lighting systems include high-quality housing manufactured in PE and aluminium, with a three-point adjustment system.

The signal systems are designed to operate with different types of power input and voltage.

White headlights / h1-h4 halogen lamps

Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre manufactures white headlights with European standard 24V H1 and 24V H4 halogen lamps.

Power supply and control units

Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre produces a complete range of power supply / control units. All signal systems operate at 12VDC or 24VDC. Input voltages from 48VDC to 148VDC are covered by the power supply, and the light signal control unit covers any function in the signal system including function control. Switch panels and complete wiring system are also available.

Power supply / control units, and associated switch panel and wiring systems go through extensive measurements to comply with the EMC regulations.

Customised designs

All Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre’s design work is performed by CAD. The reliability and safety of our products starts right from the preliminary design stage. We pay careful attention to our customer’s practical needs and particular requirements. We concentrate in correct specification of materials, and all our operations are characterised by continual development.

The state-of-the-art technology and the know-how of the company, combined with solid craftsmanship, ensure the high quality standard of our products.

Aktieselskabet BG Service Centre

Grenaavej 148

DK-8240 Risskov