International security group, Gunnebo’s subsidiary, Gunnebo Entrance Control has signed contracts to deliver gate barriers to the Beijing underground railway system and turnstiles for Colombia’s extensive bus network. In all, these orders are worth two million Euros.

Japan’s Omron and Gunnebo Entrance Control have signed a contract for the joint delivery of barriers to 16 stations along the Beijing metro system’s No 5 Line. The deliveries will be phased and begin in December 2005.

"Our new generation of flap type mechanisms combine improved performance with compactness, which allows it to be integrated in a smaller cabinet with considerable saving of space. The flaps are manufactured from an elastic material with a telescopic function, which allows safe and effective passage," explains Mr. Leo Detassis, General Manager of Gunnebo Entrance Control’s Metro Division.

Gunnebo Entrance Control has also signed an agreement with two Colombian companies, Recisa and SAR / Angelcom, for installations at bus terminals in Pereira and Bogotá. The Pereira order is for 350 turnstiles to be delivered for installation at entrances and exits where passengers alight.

Transmilenio’s bus terminals in Bogotá have already had 500 Hercules mechanisms from Gunnebo installed; these are now being complemented with 80 turnstiles, half of which are fitted with drop arms for rapid evacuation in the event of a power cut or any other emergency situation.

"Transmilenio has become a model in South America for efficient and cost-effective public transport. Several developing countries are installing similar systems, which represent savings when compared with a comprehensive metro network. Our security gates and turnstiles meet the need for rapid passage, which is essential when large crowds of people are on the move," says Mr. Detassis.