Trimble Presents Watch and Learn - Railway Technology
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Trimble Presents Watch and Learn

Overview of real-world application of end-to-end on-board and wayside condition monitoring solutions to optimize rail operations.

On-board and wayside condition monitoring

Using on-board and wayside condition monitoring solutions, rail companies can improve operational efficiencies, increase safety, manage service levels and reduce costs. Trimble’s rail asset lifecycle management products manage the lifecycle of rail transport assets from operation through maintenance and repair.

Trimble end-to-end solutions

This presentation gives a technical overview, with real world examples, of data aggregation and analytics solutions and of both on-board and vision-based wayside measurement and inspection technologies that enable the automated monitoring of rolling stock condition to improve operation performance.

How digitizing rolling stock condition monitoring is enabling the transformation and optimization of rail operations, rolling stock asset costs, and productivity.


As the focus on innovation within the rail industry increases, rail operators are striving to build digital models of their operations and fleets to streamline business processes.

These digital models play an increasingly important role in understanding rolling stock condition to optimize operational performance and reliability, improve safety performance, and minimize operational, asset, and maintenance costs.


Trimble provides the solutions that build and consolidate this digital model digitization through a comprehensive suite of on-board and wayside systems and software.

These solutions transform rolling stock condition data into business information that provides actionable insight through rules engines and analysis tools.

Trimble solutions

This presentation shows how this digital model can be built, tailored, and leveraged to improve safety, reliability, and operational cost outcomes in rail operations.

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