Dutch Railways View Train Defects Remotely Using Trimble Nexala Real Time Monitoring System

Dutch Railways NS is implementing dynamic maintenance as they can now view train’s defects from their mixed fleet of trains remotely using the Real Time Monitoring (RTM) system developed using Trimble Nexala solutions.

On modern trains, there are thousands of sensors that collect billions of pieces of data every day. Besides allowing trains to run well and ensuring the functioning of all systems on board, much more can be done with the data such as preventing defects or fixing those that do occur.

Overall, the biggest benefit of the system developed by NS and Trimble Nexala solutions is that with the help of real-time monitoring a train can be taken to the workshop before it completely breaks down, and the engineers know exactly what must be done and what parts they need. As a consequence, the train can be put back into service more quickly.

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