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Intelligent Transportation for Future Safe Cities

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Featuring innovative technologies such as cloud computing (industrial and video server), edge computing (fanless, slim and portable devices), to high-performance embedded systems (blade computing, network processor platforms, DSP processing), Advantech’s intelligent systems are designed to meet all demands of the railway market.

Advantech transforms embedded systems into intelligent systems with smart, secure, energy-saving features, built with industrial cloud services and professional system design-to-order services (system DTOS).

Embedded systems for the railway industry

Advantech’s embedded systems are the perfect fit for railway applications. Some key features include:

  • Products: industrial mobile computing, industrial motherboards, slot-single board computers, industrial computers, fanless embedded box PCs, intelligent transportation systems, panel PCs, portable computers
  • Services: design-to-order, solution integration, project management, after-sales services (AdvantechCare Service)
  • Technology: Intel Atom, Intel Core i7/i5/i3, Intel Core 2
  • Real-time operating system: DOS, Windows XP, XPE, CE, Vxworks, Linux, QNX
  • 12V to 24V wide range input for railways
  • Extended operating temperature range and flexible I/O for harsh environments
  • Ruggedised design and complete reliability

Safe and efficient railway infrastructure

Transportation systems aim to provide communications and technology that allows safe, convenient, comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly travel for all commuters. Advantech offers advanced product solutions for various demands in railway infrastructure applications, including video display walls, CCTV, fire alarm systems, PSCADA servers, automatic fare collections, integrated supervisory controls, and parking monitoring and security.

Advantech offers industrial chassis in various form-factors, such as compact wall-mount chassis with front I/O design for ATM applications, 2U chassis with dual hot swap drive bays for small scale surveillance, and high end 4U chassis with eight hot swap drive bays for large-scale surveillance.
Advantech industrial motherboards are designed to meet mission-critical surveillance requirements by offering advanced computing power for image analysis, rich I/O interface such as multiple expansion slots for accommodating DSP cards, COM ports for integrating legacy devices, large storage capacity to save high-volume video data, and high reliability for non-stop operation.
EKI-6558TI and EKI-6559TMI are 8-port EN50155 IP67 managed Ethernet switches. The EN50155 certification and redundant X-Ring allows for trusted connection to Ethernet networks, which is particularly useful for passenger information and video surveillance systems.
ARS-2510 systems are designed for railway applications, and complies with EN50155 and related regulations.
Advantech’s ITA-1610 offers transportation systems that are fanless, and based on Intel Atom D525, 1.8GHz dual core compact system, supporting dual display.
The ITA-2000 series are fanless systems designed for front-end processor (FEP) units.
EN 50155 compliant ITA-5000 series are based on Intel Atom D525 fanless compact system with three M12 GigaLAN, two M12 USB and dual display.
Advantech's research has resulted in ruggedised solutions that function in real-world environments.
Advantech HMI TPC-8100TR for transportation is used to keep the train driver informed about status regarding the train functionalities.
Advantech is an authorised alliance partner of both Intel® and Microsoft®.

Industrial and ruggedised solutions for in-vehicle applications

Advantech offers industrial-grade, high computing power and ruggedised operations for a range of on-board applications, including digital signage, surveillance and communications to control operational quality and ensure safety. Advantech platforms feature a vehicle-friendly power design (compliant with ISO-7637-2), wireless communications, GPS receiver, rail industry certification (E-Mark, EN50155), anti-vibration and shock resistant design (MIL-810), and easy installation.

Advantech products operate in an extended range of temperatures with industrial-grade CompactFlash, from -20°C up to 60°C. These rugged designs endure shock and vibration, and are ideal solutions to speed up system integrators’ time-to-market and reduce cost for space-critical, in-vehicle applications.

Communicating accurate real-time travel information

Today’s passenger information systems are key communicators and include railway concourse departure information displays, arrival information displays, arrival summaries, platform displays, bus interchange displays, entrance and exits signs, ticket booth open and closed LED signs, and general way-finding signs.

Along with system reliability, safety and general appearance, the ability to provide accurate, current information on arrival and departure times and gates is a key component of customer satisfaction. Advantech provides industrial-grade passenger information systems that deliver real-time updates on arrivals and departures for trains. They also deliver the ultimate operational flexibility and integration, seamlessly accepting data feeds from automatic third-party train supervision systems.

Mobile railway computing allowing for real-time data transmission

Combining Advantech mobile computing and wireless technology with data capturing modules, Advantech gives transportation personnel real-time access to critical data. By capturing, moving and managing data, Advantech mobile solutions aid in the effective management of trains. IP54-certified, 3ft drop to plywood, MIL-STD-810F and DO-160 with sunlight readable solution; the Advantech mobile solution is perfect for harsh outdoor environments.

Industrial cloud services

SUSIAccess is a remote device management designed by Advantech for system integrator SIs. It allows SIs to monitor and control remote embedded devices in real-time. The service is also designed to be cloud-based, and it provides on-demand software services for SIs to download and upgrade applications when it needs.

All Advantech embedded computing is pre-loaded with SUSIAccess, providing customers with remote devices monitoring, switch machines, desktop connection, system recovery and system protection features that help customers connect to multiple clients through a single console for remote device management.

Software programmes through the industrial cloud will immediately grasp the sudden equipment malfunction, real-time equipment maintenance and, to enhance system security protection mechanisms, significantly improve maintenance efficiency, as well as reduce personnel and time. Its active update feature also improves the system stability and efficiency.

Authorised Intel and Microsoft alliance partner

Advantech is an authorised alliance partner of both Intel and Microsoft. Customers find that the technologies Advantech uses are widely compatible with other products in the global marketplace. Advantech adheres strictly to multiple standards (ISO 9001, EN50155 Compliance and TL9000) and conducts regular audit checks to ensure the highest quality. As a model corporate citizen (ISO 14001 compliant), Advantech is committed to providing long-term cooperation and reliable platform solutions that enable intelligent transportation in cities all over the world.

About Advantech

Advantech has over 12 regional toll-free hotlines and offices throughout 71 cities in 21 countries, with over 5,000 employees to provide efficient, professional services for customer care, product selection, technical support and order handling.

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