ARS-2510T3 is designed for railway applications complies with EN50155 and related regulations in order to fully fit the railway environment. It ticks the three essential boxes that are scalable configuration, multi-functionality, and high performance. On board, the product serves as a train communicator or controller, and can be used for number of different purposes:

On-board DVR powerful CPU and large storage RAID mode. Receives information from cameras via IP, the data is then stored and can be accessed by the train manager. A multi-media server distributes information in the train over wireless. The train to track and ground bridge unit PC relays information over wireless and 3G; gives the train position plus other information, via GPS, to the control centre; both when the vehicle is in operation and stationary. A supervision and control unit full wireless connectivity (GPS, 3G or 4G, WiFi, GSM-R) with data acquisition and I/O management.

  • Supports 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 Ivy Bridge™ platform
  • Supports Intel® ATOM™ N2600 Dual Core platform
  • SO-DIMM DDR3/DDR3L up to 8GB
  • Direct X11, OpenGL3.1, OpenCL1.1, dual independent display: VGA + DVI-D ports