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Nencki Bogie Testing and Maintenance Equipment

Nencki is a leading Swiss manufacturer of bogie testing and maintenance equipment and for machinery for stationary rail welding plants.

Computer-controlled bogie test stands

The product range includes machines for testing of two and three-axle bogies for coaches and locomotives.

Accurate testing and adjustment of wheel loads and bogie geometry help to improve passenger comfort and avoid wear of the rail bogie and derailing accidents. All of this help to lower operating costs.

The Nencki bogie test stand is available with the following test features:

  • Wheel load
  • Calculation of shim plates
  • Axle distance and parallelism
  • Wheel shoulder (wheel back-to-back distance)
  • Test in combination with tilting technology
  • Test in combination with radial (wheel steering bogies) technology
  • Leakage test of the air bolster
  • Wheel diameter and run-out

Many more exciting features are also available.

Integrated maintenance of railway bogies

The Nencki integrated bogie workshop features seven testing stages, namely the wheel weighing facility, bogie exchanging system, bogie lifting system, assembly press yoke, mobile press, spring test press, and the damper press test.

The wheel weighing facility tests vehicle safety according to EN 14363 by simulating an uneven track and warped curves. This is designed to examine the potential of derailing.

Bogie exchange and lifting systems are used in replacing single bogies that may have failed tests, elevated up to 1.7m-high.

Click the link in the company details to view a video of the integrated bogie workshop.

Computer-controlled spring test presses

Nencki offers solutions for coil, metal-rubber and leaf springs as well as solutions for testing of complete primary suspensions. Its fully computer-controlled machines can be used for the testing of:

  • Axial stiffness
  • Transversial stiffness
  • Bowing angle and distance
  • Deflection diagrams
  • Other spring-specific test parameters

Spring testing machines from Nencki are user-friendly with solid construction, optimised for use in small spaces. Test processes, functions and measurements can be controlled through an industrial computer module in a fixed electrical cabinet.

Wheel weighing facility

Safety against derailment is a primary concern for locomotive and rolling stock manufacturers and rail operators alike.

Nencki’s wheel weighing facility allows for the measurement of individual wheel loads and unloading in a twisted-track derailment scenario.

The test is performed to the regulations of the EN 14363 standard, is fully automatic and can be completed in less than 30min.

Damper testing

Nencki developed the damper test press for measuring damper force in relation to the speed.

The damper test stand is a self-lubricated, user-friendly stand, with fully automatic adjustable angular positioning of the damper. Test processes can also be programmed into an integrated computer.

Made by Nencki in Switzerland

All Nencki products are manufactured in Switzerland. Nencki has its own departments with skilled staff for mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and software engineering, as well as manufacturing facilities for machining, welding and assembly and an international after-sales service organisation. Nencki operates in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001.

Nencki has regional offices worldwide, and is always interested in additional distribution partners.

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Press Release

Nencki Presents Innovations for Bogie Testing and Maintenance

Nencki will be presenting its range of bogie testing and maintenance solutions at Innotrans 2018.

White Papers

Nencki Integrated Bogie Workshop

Nencki Railway Technology has achieved a worldwide leading position with large professional competence in the branch of testing railway bogies.

Nencki Ltd

Railway and Vehicle Technology

Aarwangenstrasse 90




+41 62 919 93 93 +41 62 919 93 90 www.nencki-railway.ch Integrated Bogie Workshop on YouTube All Office Locations

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Press Release

30 August 2018

Nencki will be presenting its range of bogie testing and maintenance solutions at Innotrans 2018.

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19 June 2018

Alstom Limache in Chile is carrying out maintenance work for Metro Merval in the Valparaiso harbour city area.

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17 May 2018

The first spring test press of the NST E generation will be supplied to Transnet Engineering South Africa.

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25 September 2015

Nencki, being a worldwide leader of test and maintenance equipment for the railway industry, has successfully introduced its advanced railway technology to the Middle East.

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20 August 2015

Nencki has evolved in recent years into an internationally leading supplier of machinery and equipment for the testing of bogies and components of locomotives, high-speed and local trains.

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14 April 2015

COFMOW (Central Organisation for Modernization of Workshops), the main purchasing institution of Indian Railways ordered two more spring test presses NST 250kN for the workshops Perambur and Mysore in Southern India.

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27 August 2014

Nencki is very pleased to present the newly developed shock absorber test press at this year's InnoTrans.

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12 May 2014

Transnet Engineering has decided to purchase an NBT Loco 2 x 450 kN bogie test stand from Nencki, the first such Nencki unit to be used in South Africa.

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12 May 2014

The South Korea railway administration is investing in bogie testing.

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12 May 2014

Germany-based public transport company Rhein Neckar Vekehr (RNV) has further invested in the safety of its rolling stock with the purchase of a Nencki spring test press.

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29 May 2013

For the heavy maintenance workshop, Nanjing Metro Line 1 ordered a Nencki bogie test stand NBT Coach for testing of wheel load distribution, axle distance and parallelism measuring.

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27 February 2013

In December 2012 Nencki AG was awarded an order for a bogie test stand by OeBB Technical Services GmbH.

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31 January 2013

The new CSR Rolling stock factory Guangdong in Jiangmen has ordered a bogie stand for the final check of metro and urban railway train bogies from Nencki Switzerland.

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2 November 2012

No matter what your demands on bogie testing and maintenance may be, with its modular system, Nencki can provide the right solution for any requirement.

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22 August 2012

Over the past decade, Nencki has reached a leading position as a supplier for bogie test stands, with more than 70 machines being delivered. Nencki's aim is to provide customers with the specific test bench to meet their needs.

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16 December 2011

Manufacturers of rail track machinery and passenger trains in Europe are becoming more sensible regarding the registration of rolling stock vehicles according to DIN EN14363 standards. This standard supervises the registration of rolling stock vehicles by testing the running condition as well as through stationary tests.

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26 October 2011

METRO CHINA is China's most professional trade show for the urban rail transit industry, with the biggest exhibition space and the largest numbers of both exhibitors and visitors.

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11 September 2011

Nencki gives a warm welcome to its exhibition stand at IREE - booth 11.75. Visit our stand to be convinced of the benefits of the Nencki bogie test stand, NBT, where you can learn more regarding these machines as well as other Nencki products by visiting the stand. Get infor

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25 August 2011

From Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 September 2011 the international trade fair for public transport will be held at the Exhibition Centre in Bern BEAexpo, Switzerland. Nencki is represented as an exhibitor at the stand of Swissrail Industry Association. Get impressions of the new cabl

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10 August 2011

Through the consistent efforts in the Portugese market, Nencki can now record their first success. EMEF Portugal is a maintenance operator of railway equipment and has ordered a bogie test stand NBT Basic 2 x 150 kN. The delivery of this machine is planned for end of November 2011. Nenc

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25 May 2011

With the company SAM Technology Engineers, Nencki of Langenthal, Switzerland was able to find a strong and well-established partner for the Australian market. SAM Technology will represent Nencki in the field of railway maintenance enterprises. The rail network in Australia incorporates

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14 March 2011

After working with bogie test stands from several well known suppliers, Changchun Railway Vehicle decided to buy two more machines from Nencki. The NBT Coach bogie test stands will be mainly used for the quality control of new CRH3 (Velaro C) bogies. Also Sifang Rolling Stock ordered th

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23 February 2011

The requirements regarding safety are increasing and passengers are also asking for reliable departure and arrival schedules and more comfort on trains and metros. In case of a breakdown, the complete traffic can collapse. In order to avoid such incidents, more maintenance, improved pre

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6 December 2010

China's newest fast train set a world record during a trial run as it hit 486.1km/hr on the Beijing-Shanghai line. The train is a 16-car bullet train, designed and built by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock. It was designed for daily use on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed

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23 November 2010

The fast-growing Chinese rolling stock manufacturer Puzhen, from Nanjing, has ordered one more bogie test stand NBT Coach 2 x 250kN from Nencki, in order to increase its production capacity. Puzhen has successfully been working with the first machine from Nencki and has decided to orde

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26 October 2010

At InnoTrans 2010, the company Mapna Locomotive Engineering & Manufacturing from Tehran ordered a bogie test stand NBT 2 x 500kN. The test stand will be used in the new factory in Karaj, where Mapna will produce the Siemens EuroRunner 24 PC locomotives under license. With

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26 September 2010

At this year's InnoTrans 2010 Nencki showed the bogie test stand NBT for customer Shanghai Electric at booth 111 in hall 23. There was a lot of interest in our bogie test stand, as well as in the spring test press NST and the rail grinding machine NRG. Nencki also presented the new faci

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16 September 2010

Nencki, founded in 1947, is a Swiss designer and manufacturer of modern and efficient equipment for railway workshops and depots as well as stationary rail-welding plants. Be convinced of the benefits of our bogie test stand NBT, as we will present this impressive machine also this year

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29 July 2010

Nencki will be showcasing the benefits of the bogie test stand NBT, as we present the impressive machine in full size at this years' InnoTrans convention. Other highlights at our booth include the spring test press NST with its various functions, as well as impressions of the new wheel

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27 June 2010

Nencki are very happy to present the new railway technology section of thier company website, which is available in Chinese, Russian and Spanish languages. Nencki are a company who highly value their customers, and so through offering a variey of translations they hope to accommodate al

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5 May 2010

Nencki are very pleased to introduce a new agent in Sweden, AWI Maskin. AWI Maskin is specialised in sales of machines and process equipment mainly to the railroad industries. Since 1993, AWI Maskin is working in accordance with the routines and guidelines specified in ISO-9002.

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2 May 2010

Nencki will exhibit at the Metro China trade fair, held from 19 to 21 May 2010 in Shanghai, New International Expo Center (SNIEC). To recieve detailed information about the excellent advantages of Nencki machines, please visit the company at booth number M032.

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30 March 2010

Nencki will exhibit at the Infrarail trade fair, held from 13 to 15 April 2010 in Birmingham, UK. To recieve detailed information about the excellent advantages of Nencki machines, please visit the company at booth number 450. For more information, please visit the Infrarail w

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28 January 2010

Nencki has the pleasure to welcome the delegation of CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co. Ltd. to our workshop for pre-acceptance of two units Nencki bogie test stand NBT 2x250kN. CSR Qingdao Sifang is one of the 500 biggest industrial enterprises of China. As the major r

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27 January 2010

Following the BLS workshop in Spiez, Switzerland, the workshop of BLS in Boenigen is also introducing a spring test press by Nencki. BLS, the operator of trains in the area of the tunnel Loetschberg-Basistunnel, Switzerland, sets high standards for the periodic testing of springs.

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26 January 2010

Nencki, a globally leading manufacturer of bogie testing and maintenance equipment, is looking for new agents in European and Middle East countries that are not yet represented by us or our partners. Please contact us for further information.

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3 January 2010

Nencki AG can deliver three spring test presses of the type Nencki NST 250kN – 1'000mm to the Central Organisation for Modernization of Workshop. The spring test presses will be commissioned in three different workshops in Haryana, Mumbai and Howrah. With Nencki's spring test

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19 November 2009

Good references and short delivery times have helped Nencki AG win the international tender of China Railway Materials Import & Export Co., Ltd in China, for two NRG type rail grinding machines. The end user, Chinese Baotou Iron & Steel Ltd, is an important rail producer in Inne

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5 November 2009

Nencki will exhibit at the Suissetraffic fare trade, held on 11-14 November 2009 in Bern, Switzerland. We look forward to seeing you. Please take the opportunity to receive detailed information about the excellent advantages of our machines, by stopping at our booth: B100-12, in hall 21

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22 September 2009

With a production of approximately 1,500 coaches per year, CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock is one of the biggest and most modern rolling stock manufacturers in Asia. The product range consists of coaches for high-speed trains, as well as rolling stock for the highest railway in th

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12 August 2009

The rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler Rail has built a bogie competence centre for 120-140 employees on approximately 10,000m² of industrial fallow in Oberwinterthur (CH). The workshop in Oberwinterthur is equipped with a siding track and has the capacity to produce 600 bogies a y

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22 July 2009

In the first half of 2009, Nencki AG delivered several bogie test stands to customer across the world. Among other companies, two big units were delivered to Siemens, with two 600kN for the new depot in India, as well as to Ziyang Locomotive China. With these machines bogies up to 35t f

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