Railway electrification is of paramount importance to modern rail and urban transport systems. Contemporary railways require smart and energy-efficient traction power supply products and solutions to ensure safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable operations.

The construction of new railway projects and the increasing modernisation/upgrade of existing lines are accelerating investments in rail electrification, which can not only provide faster journey times and enhanced capacity but also help the industry achieve decarbonisation.

Finding the best railway electrification, traction and power supply solutions

Railway Technology has listed some of the leading railway traction power supply equipment and solutions providers, based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes some of the turnkey contractors having proven competence in the design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) traction systems for large and complex railway electrification infrastructure projects.

The list also includes specialists in the design and manufacturing of high-quality catenary wires, overhead line equipment, third rail solutions, power supply and control systems, substations, inter-car power connectors, and a wide range of electromechanical components for railway applications.

The information contained within the download document is useful for railway operators, project managers, procurement executives, operations managers, consultants, engineers, technicians, and any other individual involved in railway operations, infrastructure engineering and maintenance.

The download contains detailed information on railway power supply equipment and solution providers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

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Types of railway power supply systems, equipment, and solutions

Different railway systems such as metros, tramways, mainlines and high-speed railways require different types of reliable and fit-for-purpose equipment to ensure a stable and efficient supply of traction power.

Railway electrification and power supply systems and equipment include, but are not limited to:

  • Overhead catenary systems (OCS) and pantographs
  • Catenary wires, including auxiliary cables, contact wires, feeder cables, and dropper wires
  • Cantilevers, tensioning devices, and other feeding system components including disconnectors and insulators
  • Ground-level power supply systems and third rail products including side and bottom contact shoes
  • AC, DC and synchronous traction motors for electric multiple units (EMUs), and electric and diesel-electric locomotives
  • Traction substations, rectifiers, AC-DC converters, and DC-AC inverters
  • Air and gas-insulated railway switchgears, and static frequency convertors
  • AC and DC circuit breakers
  • Power protection and control systems, including station control system (SCS) for traction power supply
  • Inter-car railway couplers and electrical connectors, and braking, crowbar and snubber resistors, master controllers and power plugs for trains
  • Ground-based static charging systems for trams
  • Rail batteries and battery chargers, and
  • Power switching, distribution and energy monitoring solutions for railway stations and buildings