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From urban transport systems up to high-speed networks, Lamifil supplies the right catenary wires ranging from pure copper and copper silver up to copper tin, copper cadmium and copper magnesium. The powerful combination of innovative technology, abundant experience and advanced know-how makes Lamifil the preferred partner for your business.

Contact, messenger, dropper and feeder-cable overhead wires

For more than 50 years Lamifil has been manufacturing a comprehensive range of overhead wires for railway electrification. As one of the leading manufacturers in this field, we have proven to be a reliable supplier of:

  • Contact wires
  • Messenger wires
  • Feeder cables
  • Dropper wires

Lamifil can supply the above in copper, copper silver (CuAg), copper tin (CuSn), copper cadmium (CuCd) and copper magnesium (CuMg).

Lamifil also manufacture a wide range of aluminium and aluminium alloy conductors for both railway electrification and overhead lines for transmission and distribution of electricity. More specific information regarding the products above can be found below.

Contact wire

Lamifil manufactures trolley wire or contact wire in accordance with both internationally recognised standards and customer specifications. Features include:

  • Sections ranging from 65mm² up to 150mm² and above
  • Round, flat, oval profiles
  • Available in copper, copper silver, copper tin, copper magnesium and copper cadmium
  • Specifications: EN, NFC, DIN, UIC, BS and ASTM

Depending on the type of lines (heavy traffic, normal operation, high-speed lines, etc) different sections or different alloys will be used.

Messenger, feeder and dropper wire

Lamifil produces bare overhead electrification conductors in copper and copper alloys in accordance with internationally recognised standards as well as customer specific requirements or specifications. Features include:

  • Sections ranging from 10mm² up to 1,400mm²
  • Messenger wires, feeder wires, dropper wires and flexible strands
  • Available in copper, copper silver, copper tin, copper magnesium and copper cadmium
  • Specifications: EN, NFC, DIN, BS and ASTM

Furthermore Lamifil manufactures a complete range of aluminium and aluminium alloy conductors to connect the catenary wires to the power supply grid. This makes Lamifil your 'one-stop shop' for a full range of bare conductors used in railway electrification.

Wire rod and drawn wire

For overseas markets Lamifil can offer not only the finished products, but also the wire rod or drawn wire used to produce the conductors for overhead electrification.

Wire rod in copper-magnesium (CuMg) or copper-cadmium (CuCd) is available in a wide range of diameters. Wire rod in aluminium alloys is available in several diameters.


Lamifil supply a broad range of catenary wires to customers around the globe. Among Lamifil’s key accounts are leading international railway contractors as well as many railway infrastructure operators active in the following fields:

  • Tramways / LRT
  • Conventional rail infrastructure
  • High-speed rail (above 300km/h)

Lamifil have a long history. For nearly 80 years we have been processing aluminium and copper at the heart of Europe.

Lamifil was previously known by the name Lamitref and is based near the harbour of Antwerp in Belgium. Over many decades, the company has built up an excellent reputation as supplier of railway electrification products. Today, we export our products to five continents.

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