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Flexible Services

We are dedicated to addressing specific needs and challenges with flexible services ranging from product design, development and testing to marking and packaging.


Lamifil offers different marking options for catenary wires, offering benefits for various industry challenges in terms of security, logistics, installation, maintenance and others.


Imprinting a unique production code, project name or client name makes it easier for installation crews to recognise wires and their intended application.

Furthermore, production lot coding enhances traceability for fault detection and maintenance.


To discourage theft, anti-theft markings are a primary deterrence. We can also add an extra alloy that pollutes the value of the copper when melted.

Both methods discourage theft and allow for traceability when stolen materials are intercepted.


Marking catenary wires with an extra groove or by using a trapezoidal (T) shaped wire or tinned wire in the cable, makes it easier to identify the type of material used for replacement purposes.


Efficient packaging reduces weight, volume and transportation costs while enabling faster, more reliable installation.

We work together with clients to determine the best solution and offer many options to suit individual needs.

Specially designed drums

Specially designed drums simplify on-site handling with square spindle holes instead of traditional round ones. These are easily fitted to the customer’s installation devices.

Marking options

Marking options aid identification and allow for quicker, more accurate installation.

Return policy

The option of returning your drums is a quick, convenient and practical way of reducing waste and minimising ecological footprint.

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