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We continuously enhance the performance and cost-effectiveness of our products through the development of innovative new alloys.

Backed by our certified laboratory, integrated production facilities and skilled staff, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of innovation and helping our customers develop future-proof rail networks. We are continuously improving the performance and cost-effectiveness of our products by developing innovative new alloys. Our latest innovations include the CuMg UHC alloy, the all-new ThermoFil and leading-edge PowerFil.


A superior alternative to CuMg and CuCd, including:

  • Extremely conductive, 23% higher than CuMg 0.5
  • Highly sustainable, the top Cd-free alternative
  • Exceptionally efficient with up to €12,000 savings per km
  • High-capacity with less heat resistance and losses


A thermal resistant alternative to Cu and CuAg, which features:

  • Excellent conductivity comparable to Cu or CuAg
  • Very reliable with high thermal resistance and low creep
  • Low maintenance and increased system lifecycle and lower CO2 footprint


Our ultra high-conductivity CuMg alloy. Features include:

  • Ultra highly conductive, 10% to 16% higher than EN50149 standard
  • Up to 6.5% savings in copper weight
  • Cost-effective with longer substation intervals or reduced voltage drops
  • Increased rail capacity and up to 15% higher train capacity

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