A modern Toronto LRV stands alongside an older PCC car.
An eastbound LRV at King and Yonge in 1999.
A CLRV car calls at St Clair station.
Two TTC streetcars are passed by a GO suburban train.

Major investment is planned to turn streets in Toronto into corridors for public transport only. In an effort to reduce congestion, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in Canada wants to give buses and streetcars priority on certain key streets in the city.

TTC is responsible for the operation of streetcars, buses and subway trains in Toronto.

Public transport only corridors

TTC has proposed the creation of transit malls, or public transport only corridors in the city centre, where buses and streetcars would have segregated lanes and priority at road junctions.

Streetcar only lanes would be created on some streets and other roads could become ‘red routes’ for buses where street parking and left turns would be banned. On all these ‘transit malls’ traffic signals would be altered to give priority to public transport.

The roads singled out by the TTC for this work include King Street between Dufferin Street and Parliament Street and St Clair between Yonge and Keele in the city centre.

Faster streetcars

Streetcars have been part of Toronto life since 1861 and are a famous symbol of the city.

TTC considers that if the cars could move more quickly through the city streets it would benefit everyone.

There is some concern from Toronto motorists that the proposals could create congestion rather than reduce it, although this is to be expected.

TTC is now undertaking a period of public consultation before a decision to go ahead can be taken.