Czech Railways ordered for 50 Viaggio Comfort passenger cars in July 2018. Credit: Siemens.
Viaggio Comfort passenger cars can travel at a maximum speed of 249km/h. Credit: Siemens.
The Viaggio Comfort can accommodate up to 818 passengers in an 11-car configuration. Credit: Siemens.

Viaggio Comfort is a high-speed intercity push / pull train being manufactured by Siemens.

It is a member of the Viaggio family of passenger trains, which offer economically efficient operations in modern mainline transportation.

The locomotives are built at the Vienna plant, while bogies are constructed at Graz in Austria.

High-capacity trains ensure maximum customisation and availability while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Siemens Viaggio Comfort push / pull train orders and deliveries

Czech Railways (České dráhy – ČD) placed an order with the Skoda Transportation and Siemens consortium for 50 Viaggio Comfort passenger cars in July 2018.

Siemens will be responsible for engineering, production of car bodies, delivery of bogies and dynamic commissioning, as well as authorisation. Skoda will perform the electric and mechanic final assembly of the train.

In September 2014, All About Florida (AAF) ordered for five four-car Viaggio Comfort trains for intercity transport between Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando in the US.

České dráhy contracted Siemens for the supply of seven units of the seven-car Railjet train based on Viaggio Comfort in 2012.

“Viaggio Comfort is installed with an energy-optimised standby function and flexible coupling technology for reduced energy consumption.”

The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) received a total of 60 Railjet trains based on Viaggio Comfort between 2006 and 2014.

Viaggio Comfort design and features

Viaggio Comfort is the next-generation high-speed train with unique compact design ensuring extremely low air resistance. Its front section is installed with reinforced crash elements that increase accident safety.

The train can be configured as a single coach or a complete trainset, while two complete trainsets can also be combined using double traction.

Viaggio Comfort is installed with an energy-optimised standby function and flexible coupling technology for reduced energy consumption.

It has a length of 26.1m, width of 2.8m and height of 4.05m above the top of rail (ToR). Length over buffers is 26.5m and height of the compartment above ToR is 1.25m. The entrances are 0.85m wide. The distance between the centre of bogies is 19m, while the bogie wheelbase is 2.5m.

Viaggio Comfort push / pull train interiors

The interior has a dynamic design with high-quality materials. It can be easily reconfigured according to route or seasonal requirements. Each car features closed and extra-wide 1.1m gangways and is equipped with state-of-the-art air conditioning system.

Viaggio Comfort is available in different E-traction train configurations, including premium compartments, economy cars, dining / bistro cars, business cars, locomotives and cab car.

The trainset features one or two toilets and offers a maximum seating capacity of 1,032 based on the train configuration. It also provides additional seating capacity for cab cars based on the user requirements.

Viaggio Comfort equipment details

The Viaggio Comfort trainset is fitted with basic equipment and can be optionally equipped with additional modules based on customer’s requirements.

The passenger car features modern and sophisticated ambience and provides high-quality comfortable seating. It also has an electronic passenger information system and passengers can use on-board power outlets.

Each train has an integrated wheelchair area for passengers with limited mobility. It also features two comfortable entrances and closed gangways for high-speed traffic.

Additional equipment and systems include WLAN connection, and flexible catering concepts such as vending machines, trolley and bistro service, as well as electronic seat reservations and video surveillance.


The train utilises 1,000V AC 16.7/50Hz, 1,500V AC 50Hz, 1,500/3,000V DC, 3,000V AC 50Hz, and 3 AC 400V 50Hz power supply systems.

It is capable of running at a maximum speed of 249km/h.