Siemens Mobility is the supplier of Viaggio coaches for Nightjet trains. Credit: ÖBB.
The couchette coach compartments are designed to cater to groups, families or price-conscious individual travellers. Credit: ÖBB.
The seated carriage includes six second-class seats in one compartment. Credit: ÖBB.

The Nightjet fleet of overnight passenger trains is operated by Austrian state-owned railway company Austrian Federal Railways (OBB).

Commuter services under the Nightjet brand were launched in 2016 following OBB’s acquisition of 42 sleeper trains from German rail operator Deutsche Bahn to expand its overnight train services in Germany.

OBB expanded Nightjet night train services to other parts of Europe in cooperation with its partners, including Croatian Railways (HZ Putnički Prijevoz), Hungarian railway carrier MAV, Czech Railways (CD), and Polish State Railways (PKP). Partner trains offer connectivity to Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The overnight train services enable passengers to travel to their destination with enough sleep and avoid the stress of driving.

Design and features of Nightjet Train

The Nightjet night train offers three types of carriage options, namely sleeper, couchette and seated coach. The sleeper is designed to be the most comfortable travel option for passengers using overnight services.

The sleeper category offers economy-class and deluxe sleeper compartments for passengers. The compartments in both classes are available in three different types. A single occupancy compartment comes with a single berth, while a double compartment accommodates two persons with individual beds. The triple compartment is designed to provide three berths.

Each economy sleeper compartment has a washroom, including toilet, washbasin and shower facilities. The deluxe compartments offer a dedicated bathroom with amenities such as a washbasin, fold-out table, toilet and shower with shower gel, slippers and towels.

The welcome package in the sleeper cabin includes a welcome bag, aperitif, snack and mineral water. Passengers are also provided à la carte breakfast with a free refill for hot beverages. In addition, the crew offers wake-up service for passengers in the morning upon request.

Couchette coach compartments have either four or six berths that are suitable for individual travellers, groups and families. Passengers can access bathrooms and lavatories available at the end of the coach. Breakfast offered in couchettes includes coffee/tea, one roll, jam, butter and mineral water. A food menu is also provided in the compartment for passengers to order beverages and snacks on a chargeable basis.

Seated coach travelling is the most economical option for passengers on the ÖBB Nightjet. The compartments accommodate six second-class seats. The seating carriage features bathrooms and toilets.

Nightjet train interiors and seating

Nightjet trains feature family rooms that can accommodate up to four members, as well as two-member first-class compartments with an attached personal bathroom. Other facilities include sleeper pods with dedicated storage area, entrance areas, and hallways.

Two-bed sleeping compartments are fitted with a small toilet. Couchette cabins are equipped with small tables between beds to accommodate reading materials and drinks. The tables can also house personal devices.

Viaggio coaches of Nightjet trains will have 100 seats and 160 couchettes. The trains will feature 13 double sleeper cabins, two deluxe double sleeper cabins, 11 sleeper compartments and six seating compartments.

In November 2019, OBB unveiled upgraded designs for the Nightjet trains to provide more privacy and comfort. The couchette carriages will have mini-suites or mini-capsules, which aim to meet the demand for heightened privacy among solo travellers.

The upgraded design features in the sleeper compartments are intended to make travel more luxurious and comfortable. OBB will introduce a separate toilet and shower facilities for standard and deluxe sleeper carriages. New Nightjet train design will also offer free Wi-Fi service.

Nightjet train orders

In August 2018, OBB signed a €1.5bn ($1.65bn) framework deal with Siemens Mobility for the supply of 13 seven-car trains for night operations and eight nine-car trains for operations during the day.

Some of the new passenger coaches will be used for Nightjet operations. The upgraded trains will include two seating carriages, two sleeper carriages, and three couchette carriages. The new Nightjet fleet is expected to become operational in 2022.

Viaggio coaches to be supplied by Siemens offer features such as LED interior lighting and air conditioning. The newly designed coaches will also ensure the supply of fresh air based on the amount of carbon dioxide in the interior air.

OBB will operate the new coaches with its existing Siemens-built Taurus locomotives.

OBB contracted PriestmanGoode to work on interior designs for its Nightjet and Intercity day train services.