The Millennium Line Broadway extension will span 5.7km and will have six underground stations. Credit: Province of British Columbia.
The rail extension will stretch from VCC-Clark Station to a new terminus station at Arbutus Street. Credit: Roland Tanglao.
The extended line is expected to become operational in 2025. Credit: Roland Tanglao.

Millennium Line Broadway extension, also known as Broadway Subway project, involves the expansion of the Millennium Line to offer fast, frequent and reliable SkyTrain service to the busiest destinations in Metro Vancouver.

The $2.83bn extension project will be funded and delivered by the Government of British Columbia, with contributions from the Government of Canada and the City of Vancouver. It is a part of the rapid transit programme in Metro Vancouver’s Mayors’ Council Ten-Year Vision.

The extension project will also have the provision of connecting rapid transit to UBC’s Point Grey campus.

Millennium Line Broadway extension project development details

The need for a rapid transit system for the Broadway corridor was identified in 2009. The Broadway corridor is one of the busiest routes in Canada. The existing 99 B-Line express and local bus services are inadequate to meet increasing passenger demand.

A total of 200 technology and route options were assessed through public inputs to identify a technological solution in 2014, followed by project planning, which includes the development of reference design, geotechnical works, and preparation for procurement.

The project received funding commitment from the Government of British Columbia in 2018. The procurement process, including contract awarding, will be completed by 2019.

Construction of the extension project will commence in 2020 and is expected to be completed in 2025. The service will be available for every three to four minutes during peak hours once it becomes operational.

Broadway Subway project design details

Broadway Subway will be a 5.7km-long line extension of the SkyTrain from VCC–Clark Station to a new terminus station at Arbutus Street along the Broadway Corridor. The line will run on an elevated guideway from VCC-Clark Station for approximately 700m and will then pass through a tunnel portal between Great Northern Way and Arbutus Street.

The region’s 99 B-Line bus service will provide a connection from Arbutus Street to the University of British Columbia.

Electrically powered SkyTrain vehicles will operate on the line, aiming to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Commuters will have use of universally accessible washrooms, which will be suitable for power wheelchairs and other mobility devices of all sizes.

Other improvements of Millennium Line Broadway extension

The extension project will involve underground civil works such as tunnel and station excavations, tunnel lining, station structural concrete works, traffic management, utility relocations, track supply / installation, as well as stations and ancillary facilities.

Integrated systems such as automated train control, communication, and power supply systems will be installed along the line.

“All the stations will be integrated with HandyDART bus service, walking, and cycling facilities in order to provide a complete multi-modal experience for passengers.”

TransLink will operate and maintain the line as well as be responsible for setting up fares and schedules.

Station details of the extension

The extension will feature six underground stations and will also offer a direct underground connection to the Canada Line at Cambie Street.

Stations will be situated at Great Northern Way, Main Street, Cambie Street, Oak Street, Granville Street, and Arbutus Street.

Cambie Street will provide faster and convenient connections between the Millennium and Canada lines. A rail track crossover will also be provided to the east side of the station.

All the stations will be integrated with HandyDART bus service, walking, and cycling facilities in order to provide a complete multi-modal experience for passengers.

Broadway Subway project benefits

Broadway Subway aims to provide faster, convenient and more reliable transit service for passengers. It will also fill the gap in the regional transit network at Commercial-Broadway Station and Main Street Station.

The six underground stations will link the regional transit network and key destinations such as Vancouver General Hospital and Vancouver International Airport.