The Caracas metro system incorporates four lines.
Las Adjuntas station on line 2 of the Caracas Metro.
Plaza Venezuela on line 3.
The Caracas Metro began operations in January 1983.

The Caracas Metro is a mass rapid transit system that connects the greater part of Caracas, Venezuela, South America. The system was constructed and is operated by CA Metro de Caracas. Operations began in January 1983.

Line routes

The Caracas Metro incorporates four lines. Line 1 is an east-west-bound, 20.36km-long line connecting Propatria and Palo Verde through 20 stations. It is also referred to as the red line and carries more than 1.5 million passengers.

“The Caracas Metro incorporates four lines.”

Line 2, the green line, extends 28.6km from the north-east region of the city to the south-west. It has the stations El Silencio, Zoologico and Las Adjuntas as terminals.

The 10.8km-long line 3, or blue line, has two terminals. Line 3 connects the Plaza Venezuela terminal in the north-east to the La Rinconada terminal in the south-west through the El Valle station. El Valle is being extended to San Jose, which acts as the north terminal of the line.

The 5.5km-long line 4, or yellow line, connects Capuchinos and Zona Rental through three stations. It runs parallel to the red line.


The lines were constructed between 1978 and 2006. The first section of line 1 started operating with eight stations in January 1983. Three further expansions took place with the latest completed in November 1989.

A section of line 2 started operations in October 1987. It was extended to El Silencio in November 1988. Capitolio station, on line 1, was remodeled and connected to El Silencio station on line 2 through a passageway.

“The lines were constructed between 1978 and 2006.”

Operations on a 6.6km-long section of line 3 began in December 1994. In October 2006, the line was extended to its south-west terminal La Rinconada, without any intermediate stations. In January 2010, the three intermediate stations at Los Jardines, Coche and Mercado were opened.

An extension of the El Valle station platform was taken up in October 2006 to enable the accommodation of an additional train.

The construction of line 4 began in 2001 and was opened to the public in July 2006. Construction work related to the extension of line 4 started during the same year and is scheduled to be completed by 2012.

The station Plaza Venezuela of line 1 was renovated in 1994 and 2006. A transfer point to line 3 was constructed during the first renovation. The second renovation involved the construction of a passageway to line 4 station Zona Rental. In addition, line 4 also has a transfer point to El Tambor, which is a station of the Metro Los Teques metro system.

Rolling stock

Frameca, a consortium formed by SGTE, Siemens, Alstom and Thales, supplied the rolling stock to the Caracas metro system. The other firms in the consortium are Spie, Bombardier, Cogifer and CSEE Transport.

Alstom has supplied more than 600 metro cars to the metro system under various supply contracts. In 2002, Alstom supplied seven metro trains of six cars each.


Lines 5 and 6 are planned for the future. Line 5 will connect the stations La Boyera and Santa Ana. The 15km-long line will intersect line 4 at Tamanaco. Line 6, an east-west-bound line, will be 17km long. It will run parallel to line 1 connecting the stations Catia and La Urbina.