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Bombardier OMNEO is a new electric multiple unit (EMU) double-deck train, that was unveiled in September 2013 by SNCF. The train is marketed as Regio 2N in France.

The trains in the OMNEO series replaces the Z2N, V2N cars, Vo-VR2N, RRR-Rio and Corail trains for regional and intercity services in the French Regions.

Regio 2N incorporates Bombardier ECO4 technologies based on the four cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy and ecology. The trains provide maximum capacity, comfort, visibility and accessibility to passengers. The Regio 2N fleet entered into service in October 2014.The modularly designed train is used for all types of short and middle-distance rail services using six to ten-car trains. It provides a viable solution to the issue of overcrowded routes where platform extension is not an option.

A premium version of the OMNEO was unveiled in June 2014, which features wide reclining seats with individual armrests, wide doors and luxurious interiors. The train has between 400 and 475 seats, and runs at a speed of 200km/h.

Design and environmental features of Regio 2N

"The train is designed with an option to switch between either double-deck or single-deck coaches depending on the type of services."

The train is designed with an option to switch between either double-deck or single-deck coaches depending on the type of services. The single-deck trains feature wide doors, large vestibules measuring six square metres, and interior equipment such as toilets and bicycle areas. The double-deck coaches will not feature doors, toilets and traction equipment, enhancing the thermal and acoustic comfort. The double-deck coaches are provided with double-layer gangways to minimise ambient noise. Visibility is provided throughout the train.

The equipment such as transformers, braking resistors and traction transformers in single-deck coaches are roof-mounted to increase space and comfort inside the train. The train is built of lightweight and 95% recyclable materials, which reduces the axle load.

The trains are being constructed in different configurations featuring six to ten cars measuring 81m to 135m in length, 2.99m wide in double-deck cars and 3.05m-wide in single-deck cars, and speeds ranging from 160km/h to 200km/h.

The initial acceleration of the train comprising of three bogies is between 0.6m/s² and 0.8m/s². The power can be increased to 2.4MW to 3.2MW with the addition of another motor bogie.

The ECO4 solutions incorporated into the train to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions include a MITRAC permanent magnet motor, a thermoEfficient climatisation system, aero-efficient optimised train shaping, and an energy management control system.

The train incorporates new aerodynamic solutions to reduce its energy consumption by approximately 3% compared to conventional double-deck trains. The high-efficiency gearboxes and permanent magnet motors further reduced the energy consumption by 6%.

Interior design and passenger capacity of OMNEO (Regio 2N)

The air-conditioned Bombardier double deck trains provide a seating capacity of 360 to 780 and an overall capacity of 680 to 1,380 depending on length and seating arrangement. A version comprising of three multiple units with a train length of 110m provides a 2+3 seat arrangement and offers 1,800 seats with a total capacity of 3,000 passengers.

The car body is wider compared to conventional trains, which enables it to provide 4.8 seats per metre in 2+2 configuration (15% additional capacity), and 5.7 seats per metre in 2+3 configuration (35% additional capacity).

The two 1,600mm-wide doors in single-deck cars can operate on platform heights of 0.55m to 0.92m, facilitating access for passengers in wheelchairs. Two areas at the end of the single-deck car are provided for wheelchairs.

The heating convectors inside the train are trimmed to provide a spacious interior. The extra-wide seats include armrests, and comfort is optimised through floor heating for the lower level. The train generates minimal noise and vibrations.

An air inflow system has also been fitted in the ceiling to free up space along the sidewalls. The windows with narrow frames enhance the feeling of internal spaciousness. CCTV systems are also fitted for on-board safety.

"The interior seating arrangement of the train can be configured to various versions depending on the type of services.“

The interior seating arrangement of the train can be configured to various versions depending on the type of services. In the large capacity suburban version the 450mm seats are arranged in a 2+3 configuration with an armrest between each seat, while in a greater comfort suburban version the 500mm seats are arranged in a 2+2 configuration featuring individual LED reading light, folding table and electric socket.

An intercity version comes with 650mm seats arranged in 2+1 configuration with interior doors, luggage space, increased toilet capacity, larger seat pitch, armrests, individual reading lights and electric sockets, and footrests.

Bombardier OMNEO (Regio 2N) orders

NNCF placed a contract with the manufacturer for the construction of 860 trains with a further option to increase it by 49 trains, in 2010.

To date, 341 trains in the series were ordered by the French regions of Aquitaine, Brittany, Centre, Nord-Pas de Calais, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Rhône-Alpes.

Bombardier secured a contract to deliver 83 OMNEO (Regio 2N) train-sets to Île-de-France in June 2017.

Suppliers involved with the OMNEO rolling stock

A traction transformer for each train in the series is being supplied by ABB. The roof-installed traction chain features a combined cooling system between the converter and transformer reducing the number of special fan motors, as well as the costs and weight.

The on-board audio communication systems for the trains are being supplied by Televic Rail.

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