UK-based rail operator West Midlands Railway has unveiled the design plans for three new Birmingham rail stations of the upcoming Camp Hill Line.

Set to be opened for passenger services for the first time since the World War II, the new line will have three stations at Moseley, Kings Heath and Hazelwell.

The plans are developed in collaboration between the West Midlands Railway, West Midlands Rail Executive, Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and Network Rail.

They currently are working on the track, signalling and service requirements.

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Once opened, the Camp Hill Line service is expected to reduce congestion on the A435 Alcester Road offering a faster transportation alternative to the commuters.

“Everybody who has a part to play in making this happen is working towards getting it reopened as quickly as possible.”

West Midlands mayor Andy Street said: “I know exactly how important reopening this railway line is to people in the communities in Kings Heath, Moseley and Hazelwell, and everybody who has a part to play in making this happen is working towards getting it reopened as quickly as possible.

“Congestion from this part of the city into the city centre is one of the huge drawbacks for what are otherwise thriving areas – undoing the rail closures seven decades ago will be a huge step in tackling both congestion and the clean air challenge we all face.”

Two trains will initially operate from these stations every hour into Central Birmingham, with an overall journey time of around 15 minutes.

In the next year, detailed planning of the three rail stations will be carried out.

Construction works are expected to start in 2020 and complete at the end of 2021. Later, the authorities may develop a fourth station on the line at Balsall Heath.

West Midlands Railway managing director Jan Chaudhry-van der Velde said: “West Midlands Railway is working in partnership with the Mayor, the Combined Authority and West Midlands Rail Executive to ensure resources are put in place to meet that demand with new stations, new trains with improved reliability and better information for our passengers.”