Italian railway infrastructure manager Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) has awarded a four-year contract to the WEGH Group, in alliance with ICEP, for producing turnout bearers.

The €15.5m contract includes the production of around 920 series of exchange sleepers in prestressed concrete. These sleepers will be used in the installation of switches and in replacement works.

The WEGH Group has said that the sleepers will naturally differ based on the tangent of the turnout and overall length, as per RFI standards.

Based in Italy, the WEGH Group has over 70 plants around the world. The sleepers will be produced at the company’s Calcinate production unit in Bergamo.

The facility also manufactures standard and special crossbars, as well as prestressed concrete platforms for tramway and underground railway lines.

The company uses a new plant designed and built by the Plant Division for production. It is equipped with advanced features and adheres to the standards of Industry 4.0.

In December last year, British Steel secured two contracts to supply 86,000t of rail to RFI. The contracts included the delivery of 18,000t of its unique premium stress-free (SF) heat-treated rail and 68,000t of its standard-grade rail.

In 2017, a Thales-led consortium secured a five-year contract to install new security systems at 61 RFI-operated stations in Italy. The consortium also included Leonardo, Ingegneria & Software Indistriale (I&SI) and SE.GI. Thales and its partners have also been tasked with carrying out maintenance work for five years.