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The global job market for the transport, logistics and travel sector has stayed relatively steady for the first half of 2023 (from January through to June) with the US continuing to dominate the number of active jobs in the sector according to GlobalData’s job database. 

The majority of countries saw a solid start to the year for the sector with the number of active jobs hovering at a steady level, though things could be changing as June saw a high for the year in all of the top 10 countries except for China. 

While the US easily had the biggest active job market with around 80,000 active jobs each month, Austria saw the biggest increase with 3.3x the number of postings in June as it had in January thanks to an additional 2,008 active jobs. 

In comparison, China has seen a decrease since March, despite a rise in the first three months of the year, though this has only been marginal with 247 fewer active jobs in June compared to January, an 11% decrease. 

Meanwhile, the overall rise in active job listings can be seen in both the transport and logistics market, which went from over 80,000 active jobs in January to over 92,000 in June and the travel and tourism market, albeit with a slightly smaller rise from 66,000 to just over 72,000.