Rolling stock and rail equipment manufacturer Transmashholding has received a contract to deliver eight new ‘81-717.6/714.6’ carriages to the Yekaterinburg Metro in Russia.

Transmashholding will build four head and four intermediate carriages. They will be manufactured at the company’s Mytishi plant and are scheduled to be shipped within 35 days of the contract signing day.

All carriages will be compatible with the existing Yekaterinburg metro fleet. Transmashholding will build the units with fireproof and fire resistant materials to comply with the latest fire, electricity and environmental safety requirements.

Additionally, the 81-717.6/714.6 carriages will be equipped with an updated railway safety system, doorways with open-close signalling systems and video surveillance systems with a link to the driver’s cabin.

“All carriages will be compatible with the existing Yekaterinburg metro fleet.”

The vehicles are capable of running at a top speed of 90km/h.

Each head car has a seating capacity of 39 and can accommodate up to 308 passengers.

The intermediate cars have 48 seats and can fit up to 330 passengers.

The Yekaterinburg Metro started operations in 1991. It encompasses a 12.7km-long network and serves nine stations.

Last month, Transmashholding subsidiary Metrowagonmash received a contract to deliver 30 ‘81-765.B/766.B’ metro cars to Baku Metro in Azerbaijan.

As per the terms of the agreement, Metrowagonmash will supply six trains before the end of this year. Each of the trains will feature two head motor cars with driver cabins and three middle motor cars.

Metrowagonmash has been supplying rail vehicles to the Azerbaijan capital Baku since 1967.