The Transmashholding-Hungary consortium has secured a contract worth more than €1bn ($1.17bn) to supply passenger car trains to Egyptian National Railways (ENR).

Under the five-year contract, Transmashholding-Hungary will deliver 1,300 sitting passenger cars to ENR. The consortium comprises organisations from Hungary and Russia.

Transmashholding-Hungary secured the deal after responding to a competitive bid,  called by ENR last year and saw the participation of manufacturing companies from China, Italy, India, and Romania.

The cars will be designed in line with Egypt’s Tourism Development Authority (TDA) requirements and on requests of Egyptian rail operator.

Under the deal, five types of cars will be manufactured, including 500 units with three-class with forced ventilation, 500 vehicles in three-class with air-conditioning, and 30 cars in two-class with air-conditioning and a cafe.

“It is planned that Tver Carriage Works will become the key manufacturer of components.”

Transmashholding-Hungary said in a statement: “It is planned that Tver Carriage Works (TVZ, an entity of Transmashholding), being a part of the consortium, will become the key manufacturer of components.

“It will also be in charge of transfer of technology and industrial organisation. TMH Engineering (an entity of Transmashholding) will play the role of design authority responsible for project technical review.”

Transmashholding-Hungary added that a Hungarian consortium will act as manufacturing and financial partner in the project.

Half of the train cars are expected to be produced at Hungarian facility Dunakeszi Jarmujavito Kft in collaboration with TVZ, while the remaining cars will be built by TVZ on a standalone basis.

In addition, Transmashholding unit TMH International, along with National Organization for Military Production in Egypt, is scheduled to deliver the components and sub-assemblies for final car fitting at a car building plant.