Switzerland-based Stadler has secured a contract from Becon Rail to deliver 30 Class 99 bi-mode Co’Co’ locomotives for operation in the UK.

The six-axle Class 99 bi-mode locomotives will be operated by GB Railfreight. 

Scope of the deal also includes the supply of spare parts for the Co’Co’ locomotives.

Designed as per British gauge and specifications, the new locomotives will combine 25kV AC electric and diesel operating modes as well as operate on the existing 25kV overhead line.

Beacon will have more than 500 locomotives under operation across Europe following the delivery of the Class 99 locomotives.

Beacon CEO Adam Cunliffe said: “The Class 99 order underlines Beacon’s drive to support the UK’s journey towards a greener and more efficient rail network.”

With a capacity to reach speeds of up to 120km/h, these locomotives will operate on 25 kV AC electrified lines with a power of 6MW.

The locomotives will have a high-power and low-emission Stage V engine to operate on non-electrified lines. It can deliver a tractive effort of up to 500kN.

Stadler Valencia CEO Iñigo Parra said: “Stadler has extensive experience in the UK locomotive market. Over recent years, we have introduced the Class 68 diesel-electric locomotive, the Class 88 bi-mode locomotive and Europe’s first tri-mode locomotive, the Class 93, in line with our commitment to decarbonising rail transport.”

This month, Stadler also won a contract from Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB for the delivery of 41 new KISS-type double-decker units.