Siemens Mobility has received a €200m contract to deliver 73 Avenio trams to Stadtwerke München (SWM), a public service provider in Munich, Germany.

The trams will expand SWM’s Avenio fleet, which operates across the Munich tram network. It will also enable the operator to introduce new tram routes and enhance the existing network.

Siemens Mobility CEO Sabrina Soussan said: “In 2012, Munich was the first customer to order the new Avenio. In the meantime, SWM has continually expanded its Avenio fleet.

“The long-standing trust of our Munich customer rests on the special passenger comfort and the high reliability and availability of the trams already in service.”

The four-module Avenio trams can accommodate around 218 passengers. They feature a welded steel frame body with a cathodic dip painting to prevent corrosion.

The tram features two large multi-functional areas inside to store prams and wheelchairs.

Additionally, the vehicles have eight double doors along the entrance side to facilitate the on-boarding process.

All the trams are equipped with ergonomic seats and grab handles, as well as infotainment monitors to improve passenger convenience.

SWM Mobility managing director Ingo Wortmann said: “The order of 73 new trams marks a major investment in the further expansion of Munich’s tram system. The Avenio has shown such a good track record, we are continuing to rely on this vehicle type.

“The new trams will enable us to make further improvements in the existing network and operate new routes like the planned tram tangents and a tram line in the northern part of the city. Trams offer the ideal capacity between buses and subways. “

Deliveries of the trams are expected to begin in 2021.