The UK’s Network Rail has said that the repair works on a flood-damaged section of the rail line between Edinburgh and Glasgow may take two months.

The railway infrastructure manager noted that a section of the Union canal at Muiravonside breached following heavy rainfall last week.

The breach damaged parts of the rail line washed away sections of track and undermined embankments.

Subsequently, Network Rail engineers have fixed the breach and stopped the flooding.

However, the canal water contaminated more than 1km of track and ballast, which now need to be replaced.

The engineers are currently assessing the extent of the damage to confirm the final estimate. Initial evaluations suggest that it would take two months to complete the repair works.

Network Rail route delivery director Kevin McClelland said: “We are working with our asset engineers and specialist contractors to assess the scale and extent of the damage and what we will need to do to safely reinstate the railway.

“It is remarkable to see the destructive power of the flowing water and the extent of the flooding and the scale of the damage is something I have never witnessed before on the railway.  We are grateful to our colleagues at Scottish Canals for their prompt response in dealing with this unprecedented incident.

“We are working as quickly as possible to complete these repairs and to get passengers back onto the railway.”

This week, Network Rail awarded a contract to J Murphy and Sons to build a new railway station in Soham, Cambridgeshire. The new station will reconnect the town to the rail network.