Spanish train operator Renfe is set to install defibrillators in its trains, in a bid to protect passengers with cardiorespiratory problems in an emergency.

The company will invest around €3m to install 668 defibrillator devices on its Ave, long and medium distance, and tourist trains, of which 570 are already under start-up process.

The devices are being installed to “save lives” as well as enhance safety during a cardiorespiratory emergency, reported EuroWeekly News.

Each train will feature one defibrillator and it will be replaced from a reserve of devices placed in stations if it is used.

As part of the first phase, the company will install 168 defibrillators on high-speed ​​trains, 17 devices on long-distance trains, as well as 330 and five devices on medium distance and tourist trains, respectively.

The defibrillators will be placed in a train’s accessible areas such as cafeterias, vending areas, or spaces meant for people having reduced mobility.

Each device will be linked to the 112 emergency service to automatically make a warning call via an already established protocol.

Under the project, personnel in the cardioprotected field will be provided required training to ensure quick response during any sudden cardiac arrest case. So far, a group of 2,226 people has been trained.

Last year in March, Alstom won a contract from Renfe to deliver 152 X’Trapolis series of suburban trains.