Indonesia’s PT Len Industri and Spanish telecommunications developer Teltronic have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-develop rail signalling systems.

Under the collaboration, the companies will explore a joint development of an interface by integrating LEN’s ETCS and CBTC signalling platform and Teltronic’s TETRA and/or LTE telecommunication system.

Alongside determining the feasibility of a potential joint technical development, the firms will explore the possibility of a commercial cooperation scheme in the transport sector.

Teltronic transport business development director Felipe Sanjuán said: “We have the expertise of developing rail signalling projects with TETRA, not only with tests and essays but with actual references that are currently in operation and that demonstrate that we are a valid partner regarding signalling applications.

“This agreement boosts our strengths and reinforce us with a company whose reputation is a guarantee, and that improve our presence in a paramount market for us.

“This agreement allows us to explore new applications, even in high-speed trains.”

“In addition, this agreement allows us to explore new applications, even in high-speed trains.”

According to Teltronic, the company’s TETRA technology has proven its efficiency through integration with multiple rail signalling systems around the world.

Equipped with all components of the communications system, the solution allows Teltronic to support data transfer in signalling.

It is also used to provide an interconnection with PA and intercom systems, applications to manage and control fleets, as well as aiding operations.

The TETRA technology also supports communication networks to operate real-time CCTV on trains and in stations, in addition to managing events and alarms.

In another development, PT Len signed an agreement with Thales Group to deploy advanced signalling systems for different railway projects in Indonesia.